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How to wear the right socks with a suit

19 Aug , 2014  


Tips to match socks to your suit.

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The Blues Brothers

23 Dec , 2011   Gallery


The Blues Brothers Perhaps they aren’t the best example of courtesy, perhaps they shouldn’t use their fedora hats to break in an entry, perhaps they haven’t got the best table manners of even money for cheese on their toast, but I love ‘em.


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How to wear the correct sleeve length of your suit?

16 Dec , 2011  


How to wear the correct sleeve length of your suit? Different people make different choices, but everybody should let their sleeves of the shirt pop out a little bit. How much exactly? That is where you can let your creativity kick in. You should always take two aspects in account; the sleeve length of your […]


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Your Favorite Watch

9 Dec , 2011  


What’s your favorite watch? Mine is the IWC Portuguese Automatic. Check out this IWC movie with Jean Reno. I don’t have one, yet! My U-boat has been on my left wrist for the last 4 years.. The Watch:

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Snazzy PJS

4 Dec , 2011  

Have you ever watched the TV show How I Met Your Mother? Well, then you’re familiar with the suit-wearing, womanizing, Legen – wait for it – DARY character, Barney Stinson. I’m sure you’re also familiar with Barney’s catchphrase, “Suit Up!,” and that he wears a suit almost all the time, for almost any occasion.

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Football – a beautiful game…

21 Jul , 2011  


The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is big business. It’s a celebration of the crème de la crème of football, the elite that make up a dream-team with an army of followers around the globe. The UCL is one of the biggest events in the footballing calendar, so when the top two teams come together for […]



Prince William Suits up!

15 May , 2011  


Don’t you agree that it’s funny how the world couldn’t wait to see what Kate Middleton was wearing on the Royal wedding, and nobody cared about our main-man William?


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American Apparel

22 Apr , 2011  


I am not sure if I like American Apparel. What do you think? Should we distinguish between the brand and the clothes?



Paul Smith

15 Apr , 2011  


Paul Smith, contemporary Englishness. Paul Smith is probably one of the most recognized fashion designers in the world since his garments are for the young and old, men and women, trendy and classis. I really enjoy wearing certain Paul Smith garments. His materials are good, either from Italy, France or the UK. And the designs […]

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How to wear a tie clip

8 Apr , 2011  


  Would you wear a tie clip because it’s snazzy or to keep your tie away from your coffee?