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American Apparel

22 Apr , 2011  

I am not sure if I like American Apparel. What do you think? Should we distinguish between the brand and the clothes?


- Dov Charney -

Brand: I think their philosophy and marketing is very cool.

The controversial advertising is catchy because we can connect with the models and their expressions. The photos are raw and not made to look like a freaking script was produced to organize a photo shoot. It feels real and since their models express themselves in way that you and I do too, we connect. Unlike the typical posing models on advertisements. When is the last time you posed when you were waiting for a taxi? Exactly.. American Apparal is pro expression of raw feelings and sexuality, in an authentic way. Non-perfection is key because we are not perfect, unlike Victoria’s Secret pretentious commercial strategy.


provoking advertising

American Apparel has the largest garment factory in the states and it’s sited in downtown Los Angeles.It pays out their employees more than most other garment factories and has the reputation of treating their employees very well. Free international phone calls. Free massages. Subsidized lunches. Paid holidays and you only get a job at American Apparel if you culturally and fashionable sync with the vibe of it’s founder, Dov Charney. An open-minded fashionista who’s got the world to pay 30 dollars for a white t-shirt. That’s skillful.

Clothes: quality-wise I have experienced good and bad. They started out as a t-shirt wholesale company, so they pretty much have this one covered. All the other items they started producing + selling are still up for the test.



Basics. Every store I have been, either in NYC or in Dublin, it feels like you’re teleported back to the 70’s. Most people that work in their stores are stunningly beautiful. At least, I like to think so since I was dating an American Apparel girl, hehe. In-store employee, not an adult film star we find on display advertisements J Yep, this shocked some folks when that news came out, or better, when guys recognized these models and don’t know exactly where they have seen them before!

If someone’s is entirely outfitted with American Apparel it often times looks like they’re trying too hard. While people that combine 1 or 2 pieces with other brands/styles often times look cooler. Is it because they have cool basics that need to be properly accessorized?

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  1. Hamilton Brown says:

    Whole Amsterdam is crowded with the billboards. I love them! Everything you say is true. Finally someone reinvented sexyness and made it real again!
    I always go there for the basics cause they still have the certain something that differs them from the other brands in that price range.

  2. Lance says:

    Cheers for that Hamilton! Their basics are great. Would you buy their dress shirts or a AA jacket?