Ardjuna Kishna, PA at Oger Rotterdam

27 Jan , 2010  

Ardjuna Kishna is an ambitous BA student at the RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and works at Oger.


Last time I visited their store I saw some amazing Etro items. I liked the belts in particular.

Ardjuna is wearing:

Suit: MTM (made-to-measure) Caruso with 15% cashmere

Shirt: Oger; Dressed for Success

Tie: Zegna

Handkerchief: Oger

Shoes and belt: Santoni

Socks: Dore Dore

Watch: Officina del tiempo, automatic

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  1. Lance Miller says:

    I like this color suit.. Especially in these winter times all you see is dark blue, dark grey etc.

    @ Ardjuna; you should become a model man. Maybe someone will cast you through suitsociety.com :)

  2. Carlos says:

    Sure is is handsome.
    Sure the suit is nice.
    Sure, working for Oger, makes even students easy to wear nice suits.
    But this suit is way toooooo small.
    I asume it looks nice, while he stands up, working and serving Ogers customers, but
    sitting down, he just looks like a saussage……

  3. Lance Miller says:

    @ Carlos; thanks for your comment!

    I have heard the “saussage” remark very often about Oger-style. I personally like it very fitted, as shown in the photo. Maybe we should start a poll or a discussion on what’s too tight and what is just right.

    Where are you from Carlos? Is the “saussage” syndrome also evident in your city?



  4. Carlos says:

    After living in Rotterdam for 30 years, I now live in a small county in northern spain. Being, XXL myself, I often see myself as a saussage, that´s is why a young male like shown in the picture does not need to wear XXXS ;-)

    I do like the XXXS jackets though! (that´s if the model is thin) Heavyboys like me, just don´t fit in the XXS small saussage syndrome.

    But, in trousers, the very small fit, makes the male human body look, very feminine, to me. And, still, I´m sure it looks great walking, standing around, but, sitting down, or picking something up makes it look too fitted.

    Regards from Spain,


  5. Lance Miller says:

    @ Carlos: LOL I hear you.. I think you’re right, or at least, I share some of your beliefs. It’s true that it depends for a significant part on the contours of someone’s body.. when buying a suit.. fitted, super/saussage-fitted/hanglooooose… But what about fashion? It’s fashion these days to wear your suit super tight.. I also think Ardjuna is right to be wearing a suit that fits him very good. He’s young, snazzy, and has the body for a tight suit.

    Cuidate amigo!


  6. Archibald says:

    I agree with LM. Suits with a slimmer cut looks great on those who has the body for it. The trends in scandinavia (and many other parts of europe) ther last few years has been narrow lapels and very tightly fitted jacket.

    Still I feel that this cut is somewhat timeless, good examples given if you look at old pictures of JFK. The fit comes and goes. Narrow lapels and skinny ties, done right, can look quite nice, and does not necessarily have to scream Slimane.

    With kind regards


  7. Archibald says:

    Just as a reference, I’m the one to the left in the picture behind this link:


    The cut, width of lapels, length of the jacket etc. is rather trendy. Not to mention the width of the trousers. Though in my opinion, It does still give the impression of classic style.



  8. Lance Miller says:

    Hello Archibald!! I fully agree and nice tuxedo btw!!! That must have been a bespoke or MTM (made-to-measure)?

    I also prefer to wear my suits in this manner :)

    Goog point about JFK and the fact that fashion comes and goes… right on the money…



  9. Archibald says:

    I guess I will always want my jackets to fit like a glove. Not too tight, but absolutely no more cloth than necessary.

  10. Ardjuna says:

    thanks for the great comments guys

    @ carlos:
    I wear my suits and jackets very tight because I am not very tall I’m only 1,75 m. I have a size 48 shoulder and a size 44 pants and indeed standing and walking around I like to wear it cut-to-the-bone because it just looks better with my figure. And I wear all my casual clothing size S because it’s a good fit for me.

    @ lance

    hopefully I will be casted for some modelling I would like that. I have only done some modelling for Oger, my pictures are to be seen in the summer/spring mailing for Oger.

    can you send the rest of the pictures you took to my e-mail please?

  11. The cut of the suit is great.

    Even when sitting in a chair THAT low with his jacket buttoned, the suit keeps it shape. Off the rack untailored suits that are too small wouldn’t survive this moment and would be awkward looking and completely uncomfortable for the wearer.

    When it comes to type of suit I like, I prefer the slim- fitted suit. I wish I could wear a skinny suit but I have a 42″ metal plate for a chest that won’t go down and protrudes like the iceberg in “Titanic,” no matter how many miles I run in my week. Thank god my tailor knows exactly what I want.

    One thing I do know is how to avoid these moments, or use it to my advantage..

    1. Don’t sit in those chairs, the lowness of them will make any slim wearer uncomfortable, find a bar stool to keep your cool in the game or just stand.

    2. If you have to for conversation. Unbutton the jacket when sitting, and re-button when standing again.

    3. Again if it calls for having to sit, sit fully back in the chair and give a cross of the legs. If you have some socks on with a splash of personality, you’ll get to show them off for a little bit. Sitting legs open looks weird.

    Overall, It’s a great suit. I want it.. and the watch too. Hell, throw in the shoes while its there lol.

  12. Lance Miller says:

    @ Kevin; Hahahaha; let’s see if Ardjuna tells you where you get the gear :) Your ‘advice’ if I may call it that, is exactly what I would say too.. BTW I really like your blog. I’m busy for the next few weeks but maybe we can work something out. Keep in touch.

    @ Ardjuna; Hey man how are you? Did you receive the photos I mailed you two days ago? I received the Oger magazine today and you were in it!!! Nice jackets!!

  13. Archibald says:

    Returning to an old post I just read #11 Kevins comment. I totally agree, Ardjuna, please shed some light on what watch you are wearing. It’s quite stunning with that black dialled cronograph cased in a marvellous matte-finished steel case(?). Finally the leather bracelet ,perfectly matching the shoes, finishes the whole look with impeccable style.

  14. Archibald says:

    Ok, regarding the watch. Now I’ve read the text below the picture. An italin piece eh? :)