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Are ties of this age? Is it time to untie?

18 Feb , 2011  


Across management boards of corporate companies worldwide, this questions pops up more often than ever before.

Do we want our company culture to be this formal? Is a tie still really a symbol for being formal? Has the tie become a symbol of greed and the worldwide financial mess it has caused? Is this what we want to be associated with?


Questions to which answer differ from person to person. I love ties when I am not forced into wearing one. I think it makes all the difference when wearing a suit, when done right. In addition, when you’re style is formal but you’re tie is not, it shines some personality through.are-ties-of-this-age-is-it-time-to-untie_4

I think Google has done a great job on accepting people for who they are without forcing them into a dress code. Their founders walk around in what seems to be comfortable for them, but never a tie. One of their philosophies as described on their corporate site; “One doesn’t have to wear a suit to be taken seriously. We care about what people say and do, not what they wear”


Still, in some environment the tie is a symbol of mutual respect. Imagine seeing Obama presenting about how to lead the country in a Nike t-shirt. How would this influence his credibility?are-ties-of-this-age-is-it-time-to-untie_6

I like ties, when not forced into wearing one but rather accept the social semi-obligations attached and pick a tie as if picking a watch. It should add value to how you want to present yourself.

What do you think?

Lance Miller

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