Bas S

4 Dec , 2009  


Bas and his rebellious style.. Monk straps.. suspenders.. pocket square in overcoat.. and I wonder how he pulls off wearing such different colors and items and still look great..

Suit: Suit Supply

Shirt: Suit Supply

Tie: Suit Supply

Suspenders: Suit Supply

Shoes: Suit Supply

Overcoat: Suit Supply

Pocket square: Borrelli

Scarf: Massimo Dutti



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  1. Karl says:

    The look is quite sophisticated. Like it!

  2. Lance says:

    @ Karl; if you like it we like it :)

  3. Nick says:

    The Borrelli is nice! But oh what an arrogant face! He thinks he is the man, but
    he is still a little boy.

  4. Archibald says:

    I’d say the combination isn’t too daring. Still, it is nicely pulled off. As long as you stick to a limited set of colours, the patterns fall into place quite naturally. Here we mainly se shades of grey and blue, with a dash of discrete burgundy paisley as an accent on his tie.

    The suspenders make a rather nice detail, though the leather fasteners are brown, and his shoes are black.

  5. gary says:

    is it me or does his pants look way too high?