Black Tie

19 Dec , 2009  

Black tie is a dress code that is also known as tuxedo, dinner jacket, and cravate noire. When the master of ceremony decides his guests should come in black tie, you will wear a tuxedo, French cuffed white tuxedo shirt (preferably with black buttons from the navel up), bow tie, suspenders (no belt), polished black shoes (varnish is optional), long black socks. A tuxedo vest, cummerbund and pocket square are optional. The self tie bow tie looks much better and will be appreciated by the connoisseurs. At the end of the night when you are lounging at the pool, you may untie the bow tie and hang it around your neck like Craig Daniel in the photo below.


Black tie is always after sundown and gentleman do not wear watches (use your cell phone if you really need to know the time). Your pockets should contain few items such as some paper money and perhaps a credit card. The ticket pocket of your tuxedo jacket is great for storing coins. You may offer the lady to carry some of her items in your pockets.

A tuxedo should be from wool, have silk lapels, fit snugly and needs to make you feel confident. Renting a tuxedo that does not look good on you may ruin the night. Never ever should one wear a boutonnière and a pocket square simultaneously. Boutonnières are more appropriate for white tie. White tuxedos should only be worn in warm climates.


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  1. Karl says:

    been away for a while, but now I’m back!

    Good to read about the BlackTie dress code before christmas! :-)
    What do you suggest to wear for the different seasonal occasions? Christmas Party at work? Christmas with family? :-)

  2. Lance says:

    @ Karl; hey man how are you and where have you been?

  3. Hey Karl…
    Christmas Party at Work: I would dress a bit more formal than the CP with the family… So perhaps you could wear a velvet jacket (dark blue or black) to spice up the party. Another idea is to wear a v-neck sweater over your dress shirt in combination with your suit.

  4. Karl says:

    I’m fine! Been snowboarding a little bit in France! Was quite fine!
    Now I’m back home to celebrate christmas! :)

    Great tips! :)
    Think I’ll be wearing a suit tomorrow! First with tie, later without tie!

  5. Lance says:

    Dude!! Nice! enjoy Karl