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Bow tie snazziness

6 Mar , 2010  

Bow ties; hot or not?

Bow ties are typically associates with tuxedos or frustrated short men who work in a circus… Right or wrong? Hot or Not? The men in these photos found a snazzy way to wear a bow tie. I think it actually looks cool on them!




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  1. I think Bow Ties are great!

    As long as you wearing one without having the look saying, “I’m wearing a bow tie cause it’s back in fashion, look at me!” Then your all good.

    Tom Ford is a monster for that velvet bow tie.

  2. Pencek says:

    Unique style. Nice look without the jacket. What do you think about the attached to a card?

  3. Joe Harlem says:

    I can’t go a day without buying a new bow tie. It’s an addiction. help me.

  4. JoziSoul says:

    i think the trick with bow tie(or even uits generally) is for you to ensure that it does not wear you….you dont compliment the outfit, but it compliments you….you should not seem like you are trying too hard….seamlessly wear a bow tie …….