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Boxer shorts vs. briefs

31 Oct , 2009  

Boxer shorts vs. briefs; which do you prefer to wear?


Women have several sets of lingerie to impress a man or/and merely to feel somewhat ‘sexy’. How about us men? Do we wear underwear to impress a lady? Which type, either the boxer short or the briefs are better for everyday wear?


On A Small World I read some forums and it seemed that the majority of women prefer to see their men in boxer shorts (the loose version) or in boxer briefs. Briefs like ‘tidy whities’ (worn by Zach Galifianakis in ‘The Hangover’) were ridiculed. These women also reasoned that boxer briefs only look nice on men with good bodies. Loose boxer shorts were more appropriate for ‘fatter’ men. Briefs were often favored by gay men who (rightiously) argued that everything was more accentuated. Do you think gay men have different preferences than heterosexual men?

Zach Galifianakis:


The boxer short as a fashion item? I see many fly youngsters in €200,- jeans showing their boxer shorts because they wear the jeans baggy. In fact, jeans manufacturers like Diesel, G-star and Levi’s have certain models that are specifically made to be worn baggy.


Tom Ford, famous designer of suits and shirts says he never wears underwear. I wonder how often he brings his suits to the drycleaner ;)

The national soccer team from Italy for a D&G ad:


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  1. Bertie says:

    Hi men, how are you ?
    it’s a intimate subject today :-)
    I’m wearing only boxer short, all the same, very simple, most important is I buy new regulary because if your shoes or shirt can be wear since many year, the underwear need to be perfect.
    From my background, girls dosen’t really care of the men underwear (they are more interest by what is inside ;-)) classic boxer is enough, don’t wear loose boxer with Bart Simpson print !
    However, about a suirtorialsit if you order a bespoke shirt, you can order also the loose boxer in the same cloth.

  2. Lance Miller says:

    @ Bertie: Hi bro!! I am doing very well. Got back from Abu Dhabi yesterday morning, went straight to work and finally slept more than 2 hours :) How are you? How’s the Paris life?

    I like your philosophy on why men should have new fresh boxershorts!!

    Please help me on my research. Go out this weekend and try to organize at least 20 interviews with (beautiful) ladies. Ask them what type they favor. :P Your reward: 20 phonenumbers with potential follow-up drinks :)

  3. Bertie says:

    @Lance : I’m sorry buddie but I don’t understand what you explain about the week end, I try to translate but without success, could you repeat with an other way ? thanks.

  4. Lance Miller says:

    @ Bertie: Cher ami, I am sorry for the confusion! I was just saying that we should ask women for their opinion and say we are doing a scientific research :)

  5. Bertie says:

    @Lance :
    ok understand, tell her you are working for the marketing department for an underwear company, show her your boxer and ask her if her boyfriend could wear this kind of underwear ? your conversation is running :-) good luck and keep us informed.

  6. Karl says:

    Ok, then I am working for the marketing of an underwear company and HAVE to check her underwear to improve the products and so on…. ;-)

  7. Bertie says:

    Don’t tell her in reality you are studying the gynecology ! oups ;-)

  8. Lee Walker says:

    Nice topic! I see many visitors from g** websites :)
    But serious, I prefer boxer for two things:

    1. Keep me warmer in this cold country
    2. Its just look better

  9. Archibald says:

    Dear all

    I haven’t read through all comments above. The good thing about boxers is that if you do not have a firm enough behind, the seams where the boxers end does not leave such obvious “sink in” marks, visible underneath a thin woolen suittrouser. Briefs easiler result in that effect, I you see what I mean.

    In this aspect, we men often have much to learn from our fellow female suit wearers.