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The Blues Brothers

23 Dec , 2011   Gallery


The Blues Brothers Perhaps they aren’t the best example of courtesy, perhaps they shouldn’t use their fedora hats to break in an entry, perhaps they haven’t got the best table manners of even money for cheese on their toast, but I love ‘em.


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Your Favorite Watch

9 Dec , 2011  


What’s your favorite watch? Mine is the IWC Portuguese Automatic. Check out this IWC movie with Jean Reno. I don’t have one, yet! My U-boat has been on my left wrist for the last 4 years.. The Watch:

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Football – a beautiful game…

21 Jul , 2011  


The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is big business. It’s a celebration of the crème de la crème of football, the elite that make up a dream-team with an army of followers around the globe. The UCL is one of the biggest events in the footballing calendar, so when the top two teams come together for […]


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American Apparel

22 Apr , 2011  


I am not sure if I like American Apparel. What do you think? Should we distinguish between the brand and the clothes?


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Taking Care Of Your Wardrobe

25 Feb , 2011  


For many people a good suit or good shoes are something they only wear for special occasions or don´t dare to put it on at all.


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Are ties of this age? Is it time to untie?

18 Feb , 2011  

Across management boards of corporate companies worldwide, this questions pops up more often than ever before.

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The right perfume for a gentleman

11 Feb , 2011  

What is still missing when the suit is perfectly tailored, the shoes polished, the beard trimmed and your haircut is just that perfect mix of dandy and gentleman you like?

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Shanghai by night

6 Feb , 2010  

  It’s the year of the Golden Tiger! My sister studies Mandarin in Shanghai and last time I heard her order a Beijing Duck from a restaurant it sounded fluent. But to me anything that links back to any Chinese language sounds fluent.. Anyway, I love China. I have been there four times and each […]

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The Dry-Martini

28 Oct , 2009  

Don’t copy James Bond: drink a Dry-Martini ! (by Bertie) Do you remember Humphrey Bogart overdress in his trench coat in 1942 for the movie “Casablanca” directed by Michael Curtiz? What a man! Eversince I saw that movie I have been waiting for rain so I can wear my trench coat.

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Choose Perfect Shoes

14 Oct , 2009  

Choose Perfect Shoes (By Bertie) You have dreamt of it for so many nights, you have saved up each euro/pound/dollar/yen and now you’ve finally got it: your own suit from Brioni. However, when you walk down the streets, the girls don’t turn their heads to look back and Scott Schuman doesn’t ask you for a […]

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