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American Apparel

22 Apr , 2011  


I am not sure if I like American Apparel. What do you think? Should we distinguish between the brand and the clothes?



Paul Smith

15 Apr , 2011  


Paul Smith, contemporary Englishness. Paul Smith is probably one of the most recognized fashion designers in the world since his garments are for the young and old, men and women, trendy and classis. I really enjoy wearing certain Paul Smith garments. His materials are good, either from Italy, France or the UK. And the designs […]


Josep Guardiola’s Style

30 Nov , 2010  


Former professional soccer player Josep Guardiola who currently is FC Barcelona’s coach caught the worldwide attention of the media for winning the Champion League. He also caught my attention for his fine taste of suits. As I was having a few drinks with a buddy who works in a formal gentlemen’s clothing store, he told […]



Hans Ubbink at Club Vie

10 Nov , 2010  


Hans Ubbink @ Club Vie in Rotterdam Model: L.V.S. Job: FootballVipTrips Founder and CEO A couple of weeks back Bobby and I were partying it up at Club Vie in Rotterdam and ran into this great Hans Ubbink jacket!! Check out the Hans Ubbink post here. I like the smoking type of lapels on the […]


Hype on the grey suit Dutch football coach Bert van Marwijk

11 Jul , 2010  


We dutchmen are not only famous by our drugpolicy (not drug use ;-)), Heineken beer (yes, that’s Dutch), tulips and wooden shoes, but we are also famous for our great footballplay! (and players off course e.g. Cruijff, van Basten etc). These days not only Holland, but half of South Africa colours orange, our national colour, […]


Customize Your Shirt with the LCT Shirt Configurator

26 Mar , 2010  

Shirt configurator? Yes finally you can also customize your own shirt. This amazing online tool was created by LCT, it stands for La Chemiserie Traditionnelle. For the non French speakers, you can stick to LCT :). I know a lot of websites where you can customize your t-shirt or sneakers. But finally the web also hits the men fashion […]




13 Feb , 2010  


Jeremy Hackett, founder of Hackett London A.k.a. Mr. Classic, he was lounging in our Suitorialist last Wednesday. He liked it enough to sponsor us some clothing, and to return the favor we are sharing some information about his company. Haha. The man:


Sir Max

30 Jan , 2010  

Sir Max is an unique shoe store in the Netherlands I was in Amsterdam on the 21st of January 2010 and was advised by a friend to visit Sir Max in “De Negen Straatjes“. Got shoes??? Eduard and Arthur will hook you up. Their collection of shoes is very impressive, especially for Dutch standards. Next […]


Etro is playfulness, fantasy and surprise.

26 Dec , 2009  

Etro elegantly combines Italian creative style with Savile Row quality. It is an amazing brand with superb quality clothing of which each gentleman should have at least a pocket square with paisleys . Etro suits may look quite classical from a distance, don’t be fooled. The lining, felt and buttonholes are often very colorful and are usually […]


Tom Ford

12 Dec , 2009  

“From the time we’re born until we die, we’re kept busy with artificial stuff that isn’t important.” Tom Ford Tom Ford was born in Austin, Texas, and spent most of his childhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ford moved to New York during his teens and attended courses in art history and later also in architecture.