12 Sep , 2009  

Italian-style from a Dutchman! Profuomo as a brand was started in 1985, its parent company has been around for a much longer period than that. In fact, it has been the largest tie manufacturer in Europe for the last 8 decades! So you think the Profuomo headquarters are located in Milan, Paris or London? Nope, […]



15 Aug , 2009  

Made in Italy  If an Aston Martin DB9 is the car of all cars, a bespoke Brioni suit is the suit of all suits. If we are ever going to make a profit from this website, I would like to invest in a Brioni…. Their off-the-rack suits are approximately usd $5,000 at entry level. Bespoke […]


Brunello Cucinelli

25 Jul , 2009  

Cashmere at its best.  “Work, which is considered an expression of a person’s value, also becomes a part of one’s spirituality and achieves the higher aim of the Supreme Good” – Brunello Cucinelli. Brunello’s work is done with passion from Solomeo, a medieval village where his fortress (workplace… J) with an incredible yard stimulates his […]


Hans Ubbink

11 Jul , 2009  

Art meets fashion.. Hans Ubbink is notoriously known for his unique creations. A Dutch designer with a twist. A man who sometimes comes across more of a philosopher than a fashion designer. He posts photos of his trainees and staff in a small photo cubical at a train station on his website. His authentic work and […]


Thomas Pink

17 Jun , 2009  

Blending classic and contemporary When you think of pink, think Thomas Pink. Founded in London, this craftsman’s store originated from Jermyn Street, a street notable for its shirt makers. Its name came from an 18th century tailor known for making much desired red/pink hunting jackets. Nowadays, Thomas Pink has spread it contagious enthusiasm for quality […]



14 Jun , 2009  

Oger, best shopping experience in The Netherlands? Oger Lusink, the man behind the Oger company, brand and stores has an interesting sartorialist history.  When he was 18 years of age he started working in a suit store in Amsterdam, after which he did an internship on Savile Row (suit Mecca in London!). In 1989 he […]


SuitSupply vs. the rest

16 May , 2009  

Your Suit, Value for Money? Today I was in the SuitSupply store in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to pick up a great light grey linen/wool suit. I overheard a conversation between one of the friendly and professional sales clerks and his client. His client was a middle aged man with an office job who needed a […]