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How to wear the right socks with a suit

19 Aug , 2014  


Tips to match socks to your suit.

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Prince William Suits up!

15 May , 2011  


Don’t you agree that it’s funny how the world couldn’t wait to see what Kate Middleton was wearing on the Royal wedding, and nobody cared about our main-man William?



Hype on the grey suit Dutch football coach Bert van Marwijk

11 Jul , 2010  


We dutchmen are not only famous by our drugpolicy (not drug use ;-)), Heineken beer (yes, that’s Dutch), tulips and wooden shoes, but we are also famous for our great footballplay! (and players off course e.g. Cruijff, van Basten etc). These days not only Holland, but half of South Africa colours orange, our national colour, […]


Black Tie

19 Dec , 2009  

Black tie is a dress code that is also known as tuxedo, dinner jacket, and cravate noire. When the master of ceremony decides his guests should come in black tie, you will wear a tuxedo, French cuffed white tuxedo shirt (preferably with black buttons from the navel up), bow tie, suspenders (no belt), polished black […]


Pocket Etiquette

25 Nov , 2009  

Both Worlds I have both: jackets with the stitched-on pockets and jackets with the conventional flaps. During long discussions with my friends, I noticed that people often think that stitched-on pockets are too casual and dandy for any business environment and prefer the conventional flaps for their conventional job. However, both versions of the pockets […]



Fused or unfused collars and cuffs

21 Nov , 2009  

Do you prefer fused or unfused collars and cuffs on your shirts? We are going to make this an interactive discussion on what type of collar and cuffs are preferred by you, and if it should be fused, unfused or have no lining at all. Scroll down to comment. Karl Lagerfeld’s (probably) fused shirt collar, […]


Made in China/Italy

14 Nov , 2009  


Are the ties made in China better or worse than those ties made in Italy? I was waiting in the queue at the Chinese Embassy in The Hague, to organize my mother’s visa. My mother; Florentine, is going to visit my sister who lives in Shanghai. I have been there twice and think it’s a […]



Gloves & Suits

9 Nov , 2009  

Fit like a Glove Gloves and gauntlets (the extended gloves with the forearm covering) have been worn for centuries long. The glove was a true symbol of honour.

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The Wool Tie

4 Nov , 2009  

A tie made of wool Right now you probably sort your ties on winter and summer colors. A dark red silk tie is perfect to express your autumn moods. However, there is another option. Not only will the suits get bristlier in the coming months, also the ties will change. So try something else this […]


Egyptian Cotton

7 Oct , 2009  

You’re made of Egyptian Cotton The newest addition to the Suitsupply shirt collection is the Egyptian Cotton. These shirts are only €59,- and are available in multiple prints. Before you check out their website, read&learn about the Egyptian Cotton here on