The Commuter Tie

30 Sep , 2009  

Tie for travelling Check out the newest addition to the Thomas Pink collection: the commuter tie. It’s a tie with a little ipod/mp3 holder on the back. Come on gentlemen, let’s get your pockets empty and your jacket free of weight.


Pleated Pants or Flat Front?

29 Sep , 2009  

Flat Front Or Pleated? A dear friend of mine who works in a men’s suit store told me that most people are still in doubt about the reasons for wearing a flat front or pleated pants. His customers frequently have the wrong assumptions about these two different styles of pants. Let’s get one thing straight […]


The Suit of Law

23 Sep , 2009  

The suit etiquette of lawyers & attorneys After receiving a question about the suit etiquette in the world of law, I decided to do some research. What is seen as normal in this profession when it comes to suits and styles? Is everything tradition or is there also some space for personal preferences? There seems […]


Your Suits Want a Floating Canvas

22 Sep , 2009  

Your Suits Want a Floating Canvas There are a number of factors that influence the difference between a great and a horrible suit. Assuming that you like the appearance and style, the most important though, is not visible. Inside the jacket of a suit, between the outer fabric and the inner smooth lining, there are […]


Etro Cufflinks

5 Sep , 2009  

Etro cufflinks are the perfect gift for men There are many cufflinks for sale these days. For business, formal ones made from silver and mother-of-pearl or other fine material, typically work best. For smart casual event, these Etro cufflinks are simply fantastic. They make your outfit look more rebellious yet stylish.


Formal vs. Casual shirts

29 Aug , 2009  

Formal vs. casual shirts There are certain features on shirts that make it either formal or casual. Collars with more than 1 button are typically higher and therefore more casual because if you try to knot a tie around it, chances are it looks a bit off. So these shirts look better without a tie. […]


Suit Fabrics: The Pinstripe

19 Aug , 2009  

Types of Suit Fabrics There are a lot of different fabrics and fabric combinations that can make a beautiful suit. This week I will discuss the Pinstripe. In the following weeks, I will discuss other fabrics. If you would like to learn more about a certain suit fabric, please comment below so I can provide […]


Full lining vs. half lining

8 Aug , 2009  

Can you take the heat? Jackets of suits have a lining that commonly consists of several layers of cotton, silk and linen that are stitched to the fabric of which the suit is made. A decent jacket has camel or horse hairs in the lining to enhance the fit of the jacket around the upper […]


After dinner split

1 Aug , 2009  

The after dinner split is your best friend during Christmas! Descent pants should always have an after dinners split. This is a split in the waistband on the back of the pants that jumps open when the wearer sits or after eating two Big Mac’s :) It makes the wearing of your pants more comfortable when […]


Matching Socks with Suits

29 Jul , 2009  

Matching Socks with Suits Welcome back dear readers. In my last article we discussed the triple points of a suit: matching the shoes, belt and watchband. When you have successfully scored your triple pointer, it’s time for some in-depth advise on your socks. What kind of materials or colors should you wear? There is some […]