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Bow tie snazziness

6 Mar , 2010  

Bow ties; hot or not? Bow ties are typically associates with tuxedos or frustrated short men who work in a circus… Right or wrong? Hot or Not? The men in these photos found a snazzy way to wear a bow tie. I think it actually looks cool on them!

Featured,Hot or Not?

Tom Ford; A Single Man

27 Feb , 2010   Video

“Designer Tom Ford makes a surprisingly successful leap from the fashion industry to the big screen with A Single Man” – Hollywood Reporter So what do you think about the movie? Hot or Not?

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Shanghai by night

6 Feb , 2010  

  It’s the year of the Golden Tiger! My sister studies Mandarin in Shanghai and last time I heard her order a Beijing Duck from a restaurant it sounded fluent. But to me anything that links back to any Chinese language sounds fluent.. Anyway, I love China. I have been there four times and each […]


Sir Max

30 Jan , 2010  

Sir Max is an unique shoe store in the Netherlands I was in Amsterdam on the 21st of January 2010 and was advised by a friend to visit Sir Max in “De Negen Straatjes“. Got shoes??? Eduard and Arthur will hook you up. Their collection of shoes is very impressive, especially for Dutch standards. Next […]


Ardjuna Kishna, PA at Oger Rotterdam

27 Jan , 2010  

Ardjuna Kishna is an ambitous BA student at the RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and works at Oger.

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How to dress on Casual Friday?

20 Jan , 2010  

Casual Fridays & Smart Casual This morning I spoke to a friend on the phone and we talked about his profession. He works in the pharmaceutical business.  As a product manager, he wears suits every day (he loves to wear suits). He told me that you could really see the difference between the suits and […]


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How to Tie the Perfect Tie

9 Jan , 2010  

Tying a tie is something that most men hate, but not here on the Suit Society. Though ties are usually not very comfortable to wear since the collar of the shirt needs to be closed and rubs the neck skin, they can make or break an outfit. The tie adds perhaps the most value to […]

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How to wear a hat with your suit

6 Jan , 2010  

Hard hat vs Soft hat As a younger lad, I have always worn baseballcaps to prove my support to my favorite team. They kept my head warm and just like superdandy Beau Brummel, I never took off my hat ’cause it would ruffle my ruffled hairdo. As the weather is getting colder outside, I long […]

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White Tie

2 Jan , 2010  

White tie is a dress code that is also known as cravate blanche and evening dress. White tie should only be worn after sundown (18:00) or if there is no other way you may wear it before sundown with a black vest. You need a black tailcoat that is cut in a way that resembles […]


Etro is playfulness, fantasy and surprise.

26 Dec , 2009  

Etro elegantly combines Italian creative style with Savile Row quality. It is an amazing brand with superb quality clothing of which each gentleman should have at least a pocket square with paisleys . Etro suits may look quite classical from a distance, don’t be fooled. The lining, felt and buttonholes are often very colorful and are usually […]