Black Tie

19 Dec , 2009  

Black tie is a dress code that is also known as tuxedo, dinner jacket, and cravate noire. When the master of ceremony decides his guests should come in black tie, you will wear a tuxedo, French cuffed white tuxedo shirt (preferably with black buttons from the navel up), bow tie, suspenders (no belt), polished black […]


Edinburgh is ON

18 Dec , 2009  

                         Hey guys have you ever been to Edinburgh, Scotland?


Tom Ford

12 Dec , 2009  

“From the time we’re born until we die, we’re kept busy with artificial stuff that isn’t important.” Tom Ford Tom Ford was born in Austin, Texas, and spent most of his childhood in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ford moved to New York during his teens and attended courses in art history and later also in architecture.

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The Bodywarmer Jacket

2 Dec , 2009  

Bodywarmer It’s a great kind of jacket to wear when the sun is out in the winter, but should we wear it Smart Casual or with a suit? Suitsupply has some new bodywarmer jackets that are a 100% wool, so they’re pretty snug. I personally think it looks pretty weird to wear a bodywarmer jacket […]

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How to tie an ascot tie

28 Nov , 2009  

Ascot tie; fashion/style statement or hiding a fat neck? In my humble opinion, I believe that the majority of men look silly when wearing an ascot tie. Only few men, especially those with manly characters and a fatter neck might subtly hide this excess fat by tying an ascot tie around it. Still, for some […]


Pocket Etiquette

25 Nov , 2009  

Both Worlds I have both: jackets with the stitched-on pockets and jackets with the conventional flaps. During long discussions with my friends, I noticed that people often think that stitched-on pockets are too casual and dandy for any business environment and prefer the conventional flaps for their conventional job. However, both versions of the pockets […]



Fused or unfused collars and cuffs

21 Nov , 2009  

Do you prefer fused or unfused collars and cuffs on your shirts? We are going to make this an interactive discussion on what type of collar and cuffs are preferred by you, and if it should be fused, unfused or have no lining at all. Scroll down to comment. Karl Lagerfeld’s (probably) fused shirt collar, […]

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Umbrella for your suit?

18 Nov , 2009  

My umbrella  Ella ella eh eh (by Bertie) Some time ago the “Fashion- week” was in Paris ; the most prestigious brands made their show in the most gorgeous place of the capital; for several days&nights it was crazy everywhere, thousands and thousands of bottles of Champaigne were drunk…

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Made in China/Italy

14 Nov , 2009  


Are the ties made in China better or worse than those ties made in Italy? I was waiting in the queue at the Chinese Embassy in The Hague, to organize my mother’s visa. My mother; Florentine, is going to visit my sister who lives in Shanghai. I have been there twice and think it’s a […]



Fred Astaire

13 Nov , 2009  

Fred Astaire was a true American Idol. He was a Broadway singer & actor that had tremendous influence on the history of dancing in films. Fred Astaire proved that dressing smart and feeling great can be found on the same page.