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Snazzy PJS

4 Dec , 2011  

Have you ever watched the TV show How I Met Your Mother? Well, then you’re familiar with the suit-wearing, womanizing, Legen – wait for it – DARY character, Barney Stinson. I’m sure you’re also familiar with Barney’s catchphrase, “Suit Up!,” and that he wears a suit almost all the time, for almost any occasion.

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Vespa + suit

2 Sep , 2010  

Vespa’s, hot or not? Vespa, founded in 1946 has a long history of making scooters. They were and I think they still are epic.. The classical ones! Not the new series that look like downgraded space shuttles for commuters.. So what do you think? Are they HOT OR NOT? Jude Law and Owen Wilson cruising […]

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Bow tie snazziness

6 Mar , 2010  

Bow ties; hot or not? Bow ties are typically associates with tuxedos or frustrated short men who work in a circus… Right or wrong? Hot or Not? The men in these photos found a snazzy way to wear a bow tie. I think it actually looks cool on them!

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Tom Ford; A Single Man

27 Feb , 2010   Video

“Designer Tom Ford makes a surprisingly successful leap from the fashion industry to the big screen with A Single Man” – Hollywood Reporter So what do you think about the movie? Hot or Not?

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The Bodywarmer Jacket

2 Dec , 2009  

Bodywarmer It’s a great kind of jacket to wear when the sun is out in the winter, but should we wear it Smart Casual or with a suit? Suitsupply has some new bodywarmer jackets that are a 100% wool, so they’re pretty snug. I personally think it looks pretty weird to wear a bodywarmer jacket […]

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Umbrella for your suit?

18 Nov , 2009  

My umbrella  Ella ella eh eh (by Bertie) Some time ago the “Fashion- week” was in Paris ; the most prestigious brands made their show in the most gorgeous place of the capital; for several days&nights it was crazy everywhere, thousands and thousands of bottles of Champaigne were drunk…

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Glasses for your suit

7 Nov , 2009  

Glasses; necessary or merely a fashion statement, or both? Large 70s styled frames are hot! Brands such as Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples and Ray-Ban have understood, perhaps even created the trend. Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford are rather young companies; they were founded in 1986 and 2005 respectively. Ray-Ban on the other hand, has been around […]

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Boxer shorts vs. briefs

31 Oct , 2009  

Boxer shorts vs. briefs; which do you prefer to wear?

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Hats; hot or not

24 Oct , 2009  

Trend spotted: Hats, especially the Fedora hat is raging popular among celebrities and fashionistas. This is what a Fedora hat looks like:

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Men Boots

17 Oct , 2009  


Boots for men! Hot or not?