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How to wear the right socks with a suit

19 Aug , 2014  


Tips to match socks to your suit.

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How to wear the correct sleeve length of your suit?

16 Dec , 2011  


How to wear the correct sleeve length of your suit? Different people make different choices, but everybody should let their sleeves of the shirt pop out a little bit. How much exactly? That is where you can let your creativity kick in. You should always take two aspects in account; the sleeve length of your […]


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How to wear a tie clip

8 Apr , 2011  


  Would you wear a tie clip because it’s snazzy or to keep your tie away from your coffee?


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Taking Care Of Your Wardrobe

25 Feb , 2011  


For many people a good suit or good shoes are something they only wear for special occasions or don´t dare to put it on at all.


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How to wear a cardigan with a suit?

4 Feb , 2011  


Cardigans have become really fly in the last couple of years. Some time before, our snazzy grandpa’s would wear them around the house. They are easier than sweaters to put on and off since you merely have a few buttons to take care off.

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How to tie a tie, the Neapolitan style [video]

27 Apr , 2010   Video

This movie shows you how to tie a tie the Neapolitan style. The Neapolitan style is my personal favorite because it is quite sophisticated and looks great, especially with two dimples. You may chose to either create one or two dimples just below the knot in the tie.

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How to fold a pocket square Video Part 6; Reversed-Puff

21 Apr , 2010   Video

The reversed-puff style of wearing a pocket square is one of my favorites. It is very simple to do, and you can style it in whichever way you like. Depending on my mood and what I wear, I decide to make the puff come out more or less. Oger models are commonly spotted wearing their pocket […]

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How to dress on Casual Friday?

20 Jan , 2010  

Casual Fridays & Smart Casual This morning I spoke to a friend on the phone and we talked about his profession. He works in the pharmaceutical business.  As a product manager, he wears suits every day (he loves to wear suits). He told me that you could really see the difference between the suits and […]


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How to Tie the Perfect Tie

9 Jan , 2010  

Tying a tie is something that most men hate, but not here on the Suit Society. Though ties are usually not very comfortable to wear since the collar of the shirt needs to be closed and rubs the neck skin, they can make or break an outfit. The tie adds perhaps the most value to […]

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How to wear a hat with your suit

6 Jan , 2010  

Hard hat vs Soft hat As a younger lad, I have always worn baseballcaps to prove my support to my favorite team. They kept my head warm and just like superdandy Beau Brummel, I never took off my hat ’cause it would ruffle my ruffled hairdo. As the weather is getting colder outside, I long […]

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