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White Tie

2 Jan , 2010  

White tie is a dress code that is also known as cravate blanche and evening dress. White tie should only be worn after sundown (18:00) or if there is no other way you may wear it before sundown with a black vest. You need a black tailcoat that is cut in a way that resembles […]

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How to dress for interviews

18 Dec , 2009  


There are some crucial aspects of one’s appearance during a job-interview. It’s important to present yourself flawlessly as a first impression and example of your capabilities and performances. Therefore, make sure you fully understand your outfit and leave nothing to coincidence. Maybe the most important aspect of the job-interview is self-reflection. Think about the kind […]

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How to tie an ascot tie

28 Nov , 2009  

Ascot tie; fashion/style statement or hiding a fat neck? In my humble opinion, I believe that the majority of men look silly when wearing an ascot tie. Only few men, especially those with manly characters and a fatter neck might subtly hide this excess fat by tying an ascot tie around it. Still, for some […]

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How to fold a pocket square Video Part 1; Puff

27 Sep , 2009  

In my personal view this is the most nonchalant way of folding a pocket square. Lapo Elkann is often seen wearing his pocket squares in this manner. The trick for this way of wearing a pocket square is to style the pocket square in such a way that it looks good in your personal view/taste. […]

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How to wear a scarf with your suit

26 Aug , 2009  

How to wear a scarf with your suit This week I noticed that a lot of stores already received their new winter collection. Beautiful materials and colors this winter, but I get hot just looking at the bristly, wintery fabrics such as flannel. It seems that retail keeps on dropping the winter collection earlier and […]

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How to order a made-to-measure shirt

22 Aug , 2009  

Tailor-made vs. off the rack shirt. WARNING!!!!! Once you go ‘made-to-measure’ you cannot go back to wearing off the rack shirts. It is addictive because these shirts are tailored to your body and personal preferences. There are many stores and brands offering made-to-measure shirt services. I would advise you to always have them done by […]

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How to Tie a Tie, the Full Windsor

4 Jul , 2009  

This movie explains how to tie a tie with a full Windsor knot. The full Windsor knot is a much favored knot, how many men prefer this style? My personal favorite is the Neapolitan knot with two tie dimples. Still, it would be quite boring always wearing the same knot. This type of knot is […]

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How to Wear Suspenders Video

27 Jun , 2009  

This video explains how to wear suspenders with a suit. As explained here, the pants of the suit need to have buttons fitted on the inside of the waistband to connect the suspenders to. This is the only proper way of connecting your suspenders with the pants and is in line with the suit etiquette. […]

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How To Clean Your Suit

24 Jun , 2009  

Do not panic The first lesson on how to clean your suit is the easiest: do not panic! Suitsociety will guide you through the cleaning process with these simple 4 steps. Step 1. Gently try to brush off the stain with a soft brush in a one-way direction. It is important not to make circular […]

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How to Pack your Suit in a Suitcase

20 Jun , 2009  

Pack Your Suit in a Suitcase! Here at the Suit Society many of us travel for work and leisure. The best way to pack your suit when you travel is either in a suitcase such as shown in the pictures below, or you may use a suit carrier to store your suit and check in […]