Customize Your Shirt with the LCT Shirt Configurator

26 Mar , 2010  


Shirt configurator? Yes finally you can also customize your own shirt. This amazing online tool was created by LCT, it stands for La Chemiserie Traditionnelle. For the non French speakers, you can stick to LCT :). I know a lot of websites where you can customize your t-shirt or sneakers. But finally the web also hits the men fashion industry.

How to configure? It’s very easy:

1. First you choose from 130 different kind of shirt materials (that’s A LOT!!!).

2. Then you pick your favorite collar. (My favorite ones are the “white” collars!)

3. The cuffs, ofcourse white again and the design I choose is the most extraordinary one with a curve.

4. To further customize the shirt, I will choose a stitching with some highlight color.

5. Finish it with a button of your own choice.

Now I like to order my new customized shirt. The last step seems not to be available in this nice app. If you really like the combination you have chosen, you can drop by the stores in the Netherlands ;).

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  1. Drew says:

    Please give us the link!!