Edinburgh is ON

18 Dec , 2009  


                         Hey guys have you ever been to Edinburgh, Scotland? What did you think of it? I was there two weeks ago with a friend and I LOVED it big time. The hospitality of the folks on the streets, and especially in the bars and clubs. Tigerlily was one of the many nice places we hung out. It’s a cool modular boutique-hotel/restaurant/bar/lounge/club. The way the place was set up caught my attention and must have been the reason why  they won some awards. Every corner or area if you’d like, is differently designed and brings a different unique feeling.

Anyhow, I also saw some very fly and preppy sartorialistic guys out on the street but never carried my camera with until… I saw this gentleman in one of the better stores. I really value his style; buttoned short-sleeved dotted shirt with original tattoos that match the color of his pants.. Nicely fitted jeans worn at the right height!! Preppy shoes and hair style; ON!! Edi is ON! What do you think? P.s. if you are the gentleman on the photo could you please tell us in a comment what brands you are wearing etc.?


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