Egyptian Cotton

7 Oct , 2009  

You’re made of Egyptian Cotton

The newest addition to the Suitsupply shirt collection is the Egyptian Cotton. These shirts are only €59,- and are available in multiple prints. Before you check out their website, read&learn about the Egyptian Cotton here on


The Egyptian Cotton plant was originally grown in the Nile basin of Egypt and was later brought to the Western states of the US in the beginning of the twentieth century. In the western world, Egyptian Cotton was very popular for luxury undergarments and fine dress goods. Especially the textile industry of the UK worked a lot with the fabric. The Egyptians themselves made their clothing from linen, a product of the flax plant.


A shirt made of Egyptian cotton represents a high quality compact yarn that allows more threads in warp and weft which makes the fabric stronger. It also creates a better recovery of the fabric, meaning less creases and pilling. Usually less creases means more synthetics, but not in this case. Furthermore, the finer threads will make the cotton feel less “hairy”, so you will get a nice, smooth fabric.

Great price/quality, that is what Suitsupply is all about. Check out their entire collection at



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  1. Bertie says:

    Unfortunately we can’t find suit-supply stores here in Paris, so if the suit-supply director read and my email, I can be the manager of a new store in Paris ;-)

  2. haha… that’s true.. although they have big plans for Europe, there are no stores in Paris yet.. If you are really interested, I can ask the HRM department of Suitsupply how far their plans for Paris are… I have some good contacts there… gr

  3. Bertie says:


    I’m serious I’m looking for a job, I worked for famous fashion company as buyer and planning manager…

  4. Bertie,
    I have already called the HRM department at Suitsupply, and they haven’t started preparations for Paris yet… However, Suitsupply’s CEO, Fokke de Jong, is known for his spontanity in decision making, so I would give you a fair change by just sending them your CV…
    (check your email for more details)

  5. Lance Miller says:

    In addition, Albini shirt maker from Italy organize their cotton from Egypt as well as for the above mentioned reasons + the fact that the cotton grows in secured areas. Meaning that the white cotton stays clean from dust, insects etc. That is why their cotton is the whitest possible!! And thus, perfect to produce a white shirt.



  6. Okay interesting…
    I also read that the ‘white gold’ cotton harvest in Egypt is down by 54% than that of a year ago. Reasons being the cost of growing the crop; labour intensive, expensive pesticides and too much competition. Egypt only grows about 105,000 tons of cotton annually, with big boys China at 8 million tonnes, India at 5.0 million tonnes and the US at 2.8 million tonnes.

    It seems that all the Egyptian cotton farmers are changing to fruits & vegetables and we cannot make shirts from strawberries, so guys, buy Egyptian only….


  7. Karl says:

    Sounds good! :-)

  8. Kwame' says:

    Great info gents. Since I laid my hands on egyptian cotton I never looked back and I have been stuck ever since.
    But because of the African sun more often than not they tend to sell well in winter. I am a South African by the way.