Enrico, a Passionate Sartorialist

14 Jun , 2009  

@ The Oger boardroom

Model Name:  Mr. Enrico de Fretes

Profession: Assistant Store Manager Oger Rotterdam

Enrico is a sartorialist in every sense. He always looks great, paying attention to the smallest details in his attire. But what he enjoys most is helping his clients or relations. Enrico is responsible for tailoring well respected gentlemen with the best garments money can buy. At Oger he naturally feels at home. The Oger store in Rotterdam exclusively hosts a number of high quality brands in the industry, next to their own labels.



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  1. Lance Miller says:

    I love the way you styled your tie with the back end next to and not behind the thicker front part of the tie! Cut-away collar of the shirt, opened buttons on the sleeves of the jacket. Is it Italian to wear socks in the color of the shoes? In your case brown socks? The etiquette for socks is typically that they should be of the same color of the pants in preferrably a darker shade right?

  2. JR says:

    If he was to wear socks in the same color as his pants his socks would be white. I cant think of a bigger sartorialist (faux pas) blunder than wearing white socks. White socks should be reserved for basketball players and now deceased MJ.
    Personally, I dont believe in such rigid rules. The only rule you should follow is: Dress according to how you feel. Style is your way of telling the world who you are; its the most conscpicious form of expression.
    If you feel like wearing white socks when you wake up– GO FOR IT. Just don’t do it because of some old rule. Rather, do it because you felt it looked GOOD!

    1. Lance Miller says:

      JR you are hired! :) We, Bobby and I, were quite amazed by your comments since we share those feelings. What color socks do you wear with a suit? I almost always wear red socks with a blue or white shirt. Purple socks with a purple shirt and pink socks with a pink shirt. Hardly ever the same color as the suit, which is the formal etiquette.. MJ was indeed the only man in the world who I don’t mind seeing wearing white socks. Most of the men on the street that wear them are typically visually polluting the environment :) But like you said, if someone feels like wearing white socks, fine. It’s all about respect and self expression through clothing right? Best, Lance