Etro is playfulness, fantasy and surprise.

26 Dec , 2009  

Etro elegantly combines Italian creative style with Savile Row quality. It is an amazing brand with superb quality clothing of which each gentleman should have at least a pocket square with paisleys . Etro suits may look quite classical from a distance, don’t be fooled. The lining, felt and buttonholes are often very colorful and are usually recognized as Etro because of the great paisley designs.


Kean Etro who runs the company since 1990, was fascinated by stories of Emilio Salgari about Sandokan, a noble prince who was also known as the Malaysian tiger. Kean was inspired to create a dream world he named Etronesia, through which he designs a sublime collection with influences from the Far East.

They have a few dozen stores in the world and are loved especially by daring gentlemen who appreciate uniqueness and quality.


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