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Football – a beautiful game…

21 Jul , 2011  

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is big business. It’s a celebration of the crème de la crème of football, the elite that make up a dream-team with an army of followers around the globe. The UCL is one of the biggest events in the footballing calendar, so when the top two teams come together for a show-stopping finale, it guarantees headlines. Barcelona and Manchester United, undoubtedly two of the best teams in the world played at Wembley this evening. Just a few minutes ago, Barcelona were crowned UEFA Champions for the fourth time – a hearty congratulations to them!

I was more interested in off the pitch shenanigans. I love watching the sartorial styling of the managers, who really know how to dress for the occasion. Like any headstrong opponents, I always think of them as trying to out-dress and out-psyche each other (they’re probably not, but that’s just my active imagination working overtime). Like boxing champions squaring up to each other in a pre-match photo-call, the rivalry on the pitch is only very slightly understated.


These managers know how to carry a suit and indeed what suits them (no pun intended). With the televised broadcast event expecting a viewing audience running into millions, the eyes of the world were watching the beautiful game and the ringside spectators. Sir Alex Ferguson’s anthracite suit matched his legendary stony demeanour, whilst his aubergine tie provided a subtle yet sombre flash of colour. This is great garb for an interview or a serious event – it shows you mean business, no matter what the outcome.

The winner of the evening for me however, was Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola’s get-up. The forty year old manager struck a dashing silhouette in his double-breasted suit replete with skinny tie. The white satin lining of the jacket gave the ensemble the wow-factor whilst beautifully underplaying the black block of colour. The clean cut lines of Pep’s suit only accentuated its appeal and gave the star manager’s outfit a contemporary twist. With a manager this stylish, the sky’s the limit. Barcelona, I hope you’ve cleared out the cabinet for future silverware, you’re certainly deserve it…

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