Fred Astaire

13 Nov , 2009  

Fred Astaire was a true American Idol. He was a Broadway singer & actor that had tremendous influence on the history of dancing in films. Fred Astaire proved that dressing smart and feeling great can be found on the same page.




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  1. Lance says:

    @ Bertie: The world is waiting for your comment :) Please let us know what else is there to know about this man? Good weekend guys!



  2. Bertie says:

    Hi Guys !!!

    Thanks Lance, it’s a big honor.

    of course Fred Astaire is a legend for men who like clothes and there are so many details about him, he thaught to everything ; Her tailor was usally Anderson and Sheppard from Savile row (the same as Charles, Prince of Wales, today), please note the lenght of his trouser not to short, not to lenght especially when he dance ; funny thing : the legend say he used to wear a t-shirt under her shirt, not because it was cold but he moved a lot when he danced so it sweated and it was absorbed by the t-shirt and not the shirt.
    But the most famous details about Fred Astaire was he stick her trousers with a tie, and Michael Jackson who was a fan of Astaire wear this detail in his clip “the way you make me feel” have a look on youtube…
    Finally if you had the opportunitie, have a look for the movie “funny face” with Astaire playing a photographer and Audrey Hepburn : Amazing movie !!!

    Guys I keep you informed on monday because this week end (if the sun shine) i will going to a market try to find a vintage watch because I would like wearing a Nato watchband with it, do you see what I mean ? the nylon watchband in several colors, is there anyone is wearing one here ? I learned this week this kind of watchband is entry in the legend with one of the first James Bond movie with Sean Connery. I find that very cool.

    Have a nice week end, drink alcool, kiss girls, be happy :-)


  3. Lance Miller says:

    Cher ami! Great info and the man knows his history! :)

    Did you find that nylon watchband? I almost bought a sailing watchband (white nylon) for my Uboat two years ago but it didn’t fit properly. I agree, that looks very cool! What color are you thinking of?

    Be happy man, no worries, except for the watchband for your vintage watch :)

  4. adam says:

    hi i am a 27 year old male i love the old styls from like the 40;s and 50;s and like dick tracy stlyl but my fav style is fred astaire i want to get a yellow suit like his out of the move the band wagon i love old fashion s tuff were can i find old fashion suits like this