Full lining vs. half lining

8 Aug , 2009  

Can you take the heat?

Jackets of suits have a lining that commonly consists of several layers of cotton, silk and linen that are stitched to the fabric of which the suit is made. A decent jacket has camel or horse hairs in the lining to enhance the fit of the jacket around the upper body of the wearer. Those hairs have ‘memory’ and will follow the contours of the wearer’s body over time. However, the lining also makes a jacket heavier and warmer. For winter, full lining suits are perfect. But for the summer I prefer to wear suits of which the jacket only has the minimum lining in the shoulders and for the sleeves to keep me cooler.


The suit jacket below has lining for the shoulders and the sleeves and therefore wears much cooler than the full lining jacket above. Linen suits, such as the one below, are sometimes without lining which brings a very nonchalant look to the table.


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  1. B says:


    First of all, I’d like to make you and Bobby a compliment to the site, I like how you guys vary with articles, and you can clearly see growth. I’ve been following SuitSociety for a while now, and it might be time for me to join your readers and start adding comments.

    Many people don’t think about this, but half lining doesn’t only add a nonchalant look. It also requires more difficult, different finishing of the inside (which can be seen) than say, a full lined jacket (where you can’t..). A half lined jacket gives me an insight of how the jacket’s been put together, before I would buy it.


  2. Lance Miller says:

    Thanks B! How about you sent us some of your photos? Best, Lance

  3. B says:


    I thought you already had a picture? I’ll see what I can do though.


  4. peachy says:

    Would you half line a linen suit? The linen is quite fine but I am wanting to be as cool as possible as i am getting married in the Summer. Would the half lining be apparent in the suit once it was being worn (rising damp look?)?

  5. Taniwan says:

    The full lining picture above, i like the his jacket which he is wearing it. Where did you buy? What fabric is that (full cotton or wool)? What is the color? Thanks anyway for explaning full/half linning