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Glasses for your suit

7 Nov , 2009  

Glasses; necessary or merely a fashion statement, or both?

Large 70s styled frames are hot! Brands such as Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples and Ray-Ban have understood, perhaps even created the trend. Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford are rather young companies; they were founded in 1986 and 2005 respectively. Ray-Ban on the other hand, has been around for a longer time and finds that their older models from the 70s and 80s have started a new life cycle. The next trend; slightly thinner frames, made from preferably metals.

The bigger the better? A man’s thing..? Or compensating behavior?


Glasses change the appearance of persons. They are very personal. Some people don’t like to wear glasses but have to and thus choose very subtle ones. Other people, like those in these photos, have chosen to get out there and make a statement about their looks and perhaps also their personality and interest in fashion. Would they carry optical lenses in their frames or are they just a fashion accessory? Would you wear glasses without any correction, just because you like the look of them?

Nice jacket on the left! Is that Etro?


 I need my Tom Ford’s! But I am also aware that they receive certain attention from people around me. At least half the people that didn’t know me before my TFs think the glasses are just for fashion purposes. They would ask me if they could borrow them from me to show their friends. They don’t realize I would then have to deal with a blurred vision J

Check out grandad on the left, his glasses must be either 40 years old and he started the trend; or he’s a flashy gentleman following the trendy hipsters…


Either way, I think glasses are a great accessory to further style your outfit. Have a pair for serious moments and a pair that fit with your casual activities. I mean, people have formal shoes and sneakers too… Why not match your glasses with your outfit, thus have several for different occasions? What glasses do you favor? Any suggestions for my next pair? Urban Spectacles made from wood? 



Source (most) photos; Scott Schuman’s Sartorialist.



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  1. Bertie says:

    Hi Lance,

    You looks to Clark Kent with your glasses…
    I don’t see very well also so I need a black acetate Marc Jacobs glasses. As you know I’m usally wearing in black and white so wearing black glasses add something more to my look but to be honest if I could I prefer don’t need glasses because bad boys don’t wear glasses and unfortunately I’m a good boy :-)

    But can we imagine Woody Allen, Gandhi, Malcolm X without their glasses ?

  2. Lance says:

    Hey Bertie! Hahahahahaa, I apreciate your humor! True! Good point. Indeed man, certain legendary figures stand apart also because of their unique glasses.

  3. Lance says:

    By the way: Marc Jacobs has some cool models. Which one do you have?

  4. Bertie says:

    @Lance : I don’t know the reference of my glasses, it’s a tight model, black classic, it need to be change…

    Here in Paris a lot of fashion people wearing the ray-ban wayfarer model but the very trendy brand is the glasses from Moscot, an american brand form New-York wearing by Johnny Deep, it’s sold in some very selective shop ; you can had a look on their website http://www.moscot.com


  5. Lance says:

    Cool info Bertie!! Moscot has some very nice frames… In Johnny’s latest movie ‘Public Enemies’ I think he might have been wearing them as well..!!

    Gentleman Bertie; black, white, black, white, black, white. You are like a stylish checkboard :)

  6. Bertie says:

    @Lance : chekboard yes :-) and I would like to be the king but I’m the mad :-)

    if you had time and if you don’t know already it, you can had a look on this blog very interesting for my opinion : http://welldressed.blogg.se/
    you will tell me but I believe it sometimes write in deutsch…

  7. Karl says:

    Actually it’s written in swedish from time to time!

  8. Cristoffer says:


    Thanks for your kind words and just as Karl is saying I sometimes write in swedish.


    P.S. It’s my first time on this site, I’ll check it out. D.S

  9. Lance Miller says:

    @ Karl; You speak/understand Swedish bro?

  10. Lance Miller says:

    @ Christoffer: Your blog is cool indeed. Nice Photos! Welcome to the Suit Society! Hope to see you around and join the discussion :)

  11. Cristoffer says:

    @ Lance

    Thank you. I like what I see so far. Keep up the good work!

  12. Karl says:

    Only a little bit! ;-)

  13. Mosley Tribes connected with Oliver People’s to make some new frames that I plan on purchasing. I have them posted on my blog but that would be a good way to go if you still want a good look and comfort. Ray Ban’s don’t suit me well and I have a round shape so I need a more rectangular frame to better me.


    Frame: Lyndel

  14. Lance Miller says:

    @ Kevin! The Lyndel (brown especially) is very NICE! Thanks for introducing me to Mosley Tribes!!