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9 Nov , 2009  

Fit like a Glove

Gloves and gauntlets (the extended gloves with the forearm covering) have been worn for centuries long. The glove was a true symbol of honour.


Throwing down the gauntlet to one’s adversary was the signal for a challenge to a duel. Contrary to popular belief, hitting one in the face with a glove was not a challenge, but could be done after the glove had been thrown down as a response to the one issuing the challenge. The gloves are off?

In these turbulent times, hitting one in the face with a glove seems like the last refuge.  I also rather wear my gloves instead of throw them down on the ground everytime I feel insulted.

There are some standard models in the world of gloves. There are Mocha gloves (perfect for everyday use), Peccary gloves (with scars in the leather of the animal’s tusk fights) and driving gloves. One of the most classical driving gloves is the Alfred Dunhill driving glove.


Eventhough there are some rules on gloves (e.g. black gloves for funerals only), you should decide yourself what color to wear. In my opinion, the glove should be warm and water resistant in the first place. You could however make some nice combinations with your shoes, scarf, hat or wear them in line with the color of your overcoat. I have a navy-blue overcoat for which I have some navy-blue leather gloves. Looks pretty dandy…


Thanks to a friend, I learned about Chester Jefferies in the UK. On their website you can create your own gloves. Choose from a lot of different models and options and have them shipped to you. Each pair of Chester Jefferies leather gloves is made from 16 individual pieces and you can find gloves for any occasion. One of my favorites is the Chester Jefferies Driving Gloves section. Check out their website on this link and have some fun.

Cheers Bobby

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  1. Bertie says:

    Hi Bobby,

    interesting article and beautiful pictures, of course I’m wearing also black leather gloves when the weather is cold with my black or grey overcoat ; but I dream wearing driving gloves because that mean I’m driving a vintage car Triumph TR4, jumping with a gorgeous girl friend from restaurant to bar across Paris by night… ah if I was rich, life would be soft :-)

  2. Hey Bertie! all I can say is… be patient… you’ll get your share of the pie… hopefully I may borrow your Triumph sometimes… :P