Great Gift for Men – Gentlemen’s Shaving Kit

10 Apr , 2009  

Give some one the perfect shaving tools!

A great gift for men, is a gentlemen’s shaving kit. A friend who was studying in London, actually gave me my first Kent brush and Taylor of Old Bond Street Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream. Until then I used regular Gillette blades and foam, which I always have disliked since shaving with those tools caused my neck skin to be irritated. With the brush and Gentlemen’s shaving cream, shaving became a much more pleasurable experience and my skin has never felt smoother. First of all, it feels manly brushing the cream on your face. It makes me think of old Italian mafia movies and my grandfather has been shaving like this ever since he has had a beard. In addition, a superior shaving cream like those of Proraso or Taylor of Old Bond Street smell and feel fantastic. They really work your skin and allow for a smoother shave. Forget about Gillette. It’s a different experience you just cannot miss out on.


The golden heavy-duty shaving tool below can be fitted with different blades, experiment which work best for you.


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