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Hats; hot or not

24 Oct , 2009  

Trend spotted: Hats, especially the Fedora hat is raging popular among celebrities and fashionistas.

This is what a Fedora hat looks like:


I like my Profuomo Fedora hat very much. It’s getting colder outside and the wool/acrylic/polyester mix keeps it comfortable and warm.


Celebrities wear hats! Check out Johnny Depp and Bradd Pitt:


Hugh Jackman, with his lasso around Nicole Kidman.. Different types of hats exists. For me, the Fedora is still the most appropriate when worn with a suit. What do you guys think? The Fedora is subtle and reflects class because of the many gents wearing them back in the day.


Elton John and Obama are posing with their gear:


Even cool ladies like this one going to a polo match, find a way to make their outfits look more complete with a hat.


More Fedora hats:


One more photo for Karl: Dude wearing some sort of suit + hat! :)


To conclude.. Hot or Not?

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  1. Bertie says:

    Hi Lance,

    -yes your fedora is kind and give you a cool look indeed.
    -Be careful with Brad Pitt and Johnny Deep, those guys usally wear hughly things and look great, that’s really the cool attitude but not everybody can be allowed ;-)
    -Girls on picture 6 is so cute, if you know her I want be introduced ahahahah
    -Last picture Dude is very great, I wasn’t so cool as him when I was so much younger.

    But the coolest is definitely the “le corbusier” sofa in rock(or iron ?) in the garden !

  2. Karl says:

    Lance, thanks a lot for the pictures! :-)

    Your hat is definitely cool!!!
    I like the other ones as well, but I think in Europe you can not really wear a cowboys-hat. But in the US I would wear a Stetson every day for riding my pick up truck to the shops! ;-)
    The girl looks great and the hat makes her outfit complete!
    The guy on the last two pics looks a little bit like he is having a nervous breakdown on the last pic! ;-) :-D

    Great post! :-)

  3. Lance says:

    Hi guys, sorry for the late reaction: My pc crashed.. I feel like someone cut off my hands :) Anyway, @ work now ;)
    @ Bertie; you,re right. What Brad and Johnny pull off is not for the ”average” man.. The girl looks amazing.. Don’t know her, yet.. Secretly I hope she reads our blog and post a comment soon.
    @ Karl: True that! True hat?! Haha

    Don’t know when my pc is fixed. But I will be in Abu Dhabi from 28th of oct till the 3th of nov. So Bobby will be in control of the SuitSociety HQs here in the NL.



  4. Karl says:

    Oh, poor Lance! But enjoy your time in Abu Dhabi! :-) Are you working there? Or vacation?

  5. Michelle says:

    Hey Guys :) I’m totally into hats… What do you think of my latest one: http://bit.ly/4oUNdL Number 2 in my list of style crushes… Not sure what exactly that type would be called :-/

  6. Lance says:

    Work!! :) But I am free on Monday; surfing the Brutus Maximus in the water park in Dubai and meeting up with a Dutch friend who lives there. have you ever been?

  7. Karl says:

    That sounds very nice! :-)
    I never been there, but would like to have a look around! ;-)