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How to dress for interviews

18 Dec , 2009  

There are some crucial aspects of one’s appearance during a job-interview. It’s important to present yourself flawlessly as a first impression and example of your capabilities and performances. Therefore, make sure you fully understand your outfit and leave nothing to coincidence. Maybe the most important aspect of the job-interview is self-reflection. Think about the kind of employee the company is looking for and tune your outfit to that expectation. Some companies will accept a smart casual look, but most companies prefer a professional look. It’s always better to play it safe with the professional look to make sure you are respected no matter who is on the other end of the table.


This professional look consists of a suit without any pin-stripes or checks. However, small lines or treads such as the fishbone are allowed. It goes without saying that you should wear business colors such as grey and blue. Both the shirt and tie should be a solid color or one of them having a small line in it. I prefer to wear light-blue shirts (white is typical) for job interviews as they give you that corporate look: ready for assimilation.

Details such as matching shoes and belt (preferably black or dark brown), a watch of normal size with the time correctly displayed, a clean and shaved appearance.  For those of you who can pull it off wearing suspenders and a small pocket-square could add value to your outfit without overdoing it. Also, consider bringing your suit to the dry cleaner before the interview, giving the suit its crispy look back again.


Some last minute advice:

1. Never, ever, wear a red tie to a job interview. The red tie is perfect for tough negotiations, not for the job interview were you want to present yourself open to change. Perhaps a tie in the colors of the company could help.

2. Always check the weather report. If you are uncertain about the forecasts, bring an umbrella to make sure you stay dry before entering the interview.

3. Never take your jacket off unless asked, always unbutton your jacket before sitting down.

4. Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes in advance to check your outfit and appearance one more time before entering the interview.

5. If you have had a successful job interview, make sure you unbutton the top-button of your shirt and loosen up your tie.

Job well done!

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  1. dutchwoo says:

    As suggested by the UK GQ of August, regarding a letter about how to dress for an jobinterview, they say that a report shows that most successful people wore yellow ties to job interviews…

    Good luck jobhopping!

    1. That’s very interesting!… It also tells us something else: the people that wore the yellow ties and came up successful, probably have a (light) tan on their skin. Yellow is a colour that matches very bad with a pale skin colour.

  2. Bert Peterson says:

    Dear Bobby,

    I wanted to thank you for your article. Yesterday i had a job interview and followed up your advices. I also added a nice sophisticated perfume since the interview was with a woman.

    I looked at her as if the only reason she was born was to give me the job. And i got the contract!

    Many thanks!

  3. Lee Walker says:

    A well choosen suit and some good tips from our Bobby will give you good confidence.
    @Bert “I looked at her as if the only reason she was born was to give me the job”

    Priceless :) !!!!