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How to Pack your Suit in a Suitcase

20 Jun , 2009  

Pack Your Suit in a Suitcase!

Here at the Suit Society many of us travel for work and leisure. The best way to pack your suit when you travel is either in a suitcase such as shown in the pictures below, or you may use a suit carrier to store your suit and check in this bag as hand luggage. The advantage of a suit carrier is that you are surer the suit will survive the trip without too many creases. However, you will have to carry it yourself during the entire journey.

This suit carrier is quite luxurious and handy since its different compartments leave room for your passport, iPod, magazines etc.


I prefer to pack my suit(s) in a suitcase. The suitcase I used to show you how to pack a suit is quite small and its measurements are internationally accepted as hand luggage. So changes are that if your suitcase is bigger, it should fit even better and come out even less creased.

First, put your suit with hanger in a basic suit carrier like the Oger one I used in the picture. Then fold the bag once and gentle fit it in the suitcase. Depending on the size of the suitcase, you may have to fold the shoulder part of the suit again to make sure no parts are outside of the suitcase’s reach.


Upon arrival in your hotel it is best to first unpack your suit and hang it somewhere clean. If however your suit is creased, hang it in a closed bathroom with the shower running hot water. The water molecules in the air should take care of the major creases.

Bon voyage!


Suit + carrier + suitcase=No more worries.


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