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How to Tie a Tie, the Full Windsor

4 Jul , 2009  

This movie explains how to tie a tie with a full Windsor knot. The full Windsor knot is a much favored knot, how many men prefer this style? My personal favorite is the Neapolitan knot with two tie dimples. Still, it would be quite boring always wearing the same knot. This type of knot is especially suitable for cut-away collars. Enjoy the video on how to tie a tie, the full Windsor knot.

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  1. Tien says:

    WOooooooWWW great video

  2. Steve says:

    The problem with this knot is that it requires a lot of material and those of us who are tall rarely can find neckties long enough to permit it.

    1. That’s true Steve. I’ve noticed that the fashion industry is focussing more and more on the most common sizes. Smaller than average people can shorten their ties at tailorshops, but tall people have a problem. There are however stores that specialize in longer sizes, such as suits, shirts and ties. Also, some brands allow you to design your own tie; colour, model and length. Another solution is wearing the Neapolitan tie as it needs less tie in the knot itself. Does anybody know a good shop or brand for longer ties?

  3. Harriet Bremer-de Maar says:

    Great Blog!!!
    It all looks so professional, marvellous :)
    Well..Lance ;), if i were a man, i would ask you for advice
    how to wear a suit.
    But it’s just me…your auntie Jet :), wishing you all the best,
    take care.