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How to Tie the Perfect Tie

9 Jan , 2010  

Tying a tie is something that most men hate, but not here on the Suit Society.

Though ties are usually not very comfortable to wear since the collar of the shirt needs to be closed and rubs the neck skin, they can make or break an outfit. The tie adds perhaps the most value to someone’s appearance. A man wearing a suit and a shirt alters the entire outfit with a tie.

Next to being a fashion item, ties often are needed to show someone’s respect to others. In many western cultures, the tie is a valued item that shows respect from the wearer to the persons that he does business with.

The style of knot in the tie is very personally. My favorite is the Neapolitan style of tying a tie, since it looks most sophisticated without having a thick knot. The trend for 2009, possibly also 2010 is low collars and slim-fit ties. The single most important feature in any style of tying a tie is the dimple. The tie dimple contributes the final touch of finesse and good-taste to the tie. They are quite easy to make when tying a tie. During the last time you slip the end of the tie under the knot, make sure not to pull the tie down all the way. Rather, create a ‘W’ or ‘U’ shape in the fabric just above and below the knot. Then carefully use the thumb and index finger to squeeze the ‘W’ or ‘U’ shape into the tie just below the knot by pulling it down. A frustrated man has developed a tool for doing this. The Dimpler allegedly helps out.

On the left of the picture below, you see a clear ‘W’ style tie dimple. On the right, you see a flat tie without a tie dimple which is unfortunately worn in this way by the majority of men.


In the picture below, you see a ‘U’ style tie dimple on the far left; a ‘W’ style tie dimple in the middle; and to the right you see how you should pull the tie down by pinching the fabric with your thumb and index finger to create a tie dimple.


In this picture you see president Obama wearing his tie the correct way, with a tie dimple. Brad Pitt’s tie has no tie dimple, the knot isn’t pressed onto the collar and the button on the right cuff of his shirt is open which makes it look messy.


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