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How to wear a cardigan with a suit?

4 Feb , 2011  


Cardigans have become really fly in the last couple of years. Some time before, our snazzy grandpa’s would wear them around the house. They are easier than sweaters to put on and off since you merely have a few buttons to take care off.


Last 2 buttons unbuttoned

It wouldn’t be the first time if some drunkard came home from an epic night out, try to take of his sweater, get in a struggle with the sweater and suffocate. LOL


Anyhow, how to wear your favorite cardigan with your suit. Same as with the shirt, make sure that half and inch or so is shown of the fabric at the wrist below the suits sleeve. Below that, the shirt should show. To recap, you should see you hand first, then the shirt, then the cardigan and then the suit’s sleeve. 3 layers deal for success in life, on and off the catwalk.

The length of the cardigan should match with the suit. The cardigan should rest on the belt of your suit pants and not go over it. Again, same as with the shirt.


Daniel Craig 007 showing his cuffs

Key is also to always have the last button of the cardigan unbuttoned. (the button closest to your belt) And depending on the cardigan, I like to keep the top one unbuttoned too.

Just to make sure for the beginners ;) If you are wearing a tie, tug it in. Don’t leave it hanging over the cardigan but rather leave it between the shirt and the cardigan.

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