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How to Wear Suspenders

27 Feb , 2009  

Suspenders Increase your Comfort

Watch our video on how to wear suspenders here! Suspenders are sometimes called braces, and I love wearing them for several reasons. First of all, they keep the pants comfortably at the right place and when you sit down there is not the usual pressure from the belt that might irritate you. Secondly, I think they feel good. I have heard many men say that they feel more manly and original. There are few men who wear suspenders, but those who do wear them will not ever give up wearing them. Moreover, suspenders can alter the entire appearance of an outfit and make you look more sophisticated, chic or dandy. I have a red pair I enjoy wearing with red socks, small details that suit enthusiasts will appreciate. When the jacket of the suit is closed, people will rarely see the suspenders, only when you open the jacket and actively move you may see them. Furthermore, suspenders are great because they are typically for men. It is a gentleman’s accessory that women cannot wear.


Certain celebrities like Larry King are notoriously known for always wearing suspenders.

He made it his trademark! Other celebrities like Ashton Kutcher are spotted wearing suspenders on jeans, which is more a fashion trend than useful. Those suspenders Kutcher has on in the photo are clip-ons which often damage woolen suits and should therefore be avoided. Descent suspenders have leather parts on the ends to connect with the buttons on the inside of the waistband of the pants. Buckle loops are not needed and should be removed if you wear suspenders.


Suspenders also serve a purpose for overweight and skinny people because belts for these men are usually uncomfortable, pointless and deform the pants. Suspenders are part of the etiquette of a smoking, also known as ‘black tie’.  White suspenders go best with a smoking, although you may wear any color as long as the event is not very traditional. It is best to connect the suspenders to your pants before putting the pants on, after which you may want to adjust the clips until the pants are comfortably staying around the waist.

Try them out and share your experience here at the Suit Society.

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  1. Peter says:

    To be honest, I never see people wearing suspenders. Only celebrities like Larry King or Jort Kelder (dutch journalist) are the only one I know.

    I think there was a periode, in the 80′s (not sure), suspender was a fashion item for men!

  2. saniez says:

    really i can’t see the point,because here in europe ” a lot of people wear pant suspenders”and more they are elegant,sexy, and allways “à la mode”

  3. Lance Miller says:

    @ Saniez, I also think suspenders make a man look elegant. Do you have a good photo of you wearing suspenders that we could post in our Suitorialist category? You can sent it to suitsocietydotcom at gmail dot com :)

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  6. kevin says:

    Your right you don’t see them that often but I think they are soon to make a comeback much as the bowtie and wool cap. I love them for many of the same reasons as you do, I enjoy not having to constantly pull up my pants during the day. I wear a lot of three peice suits so I don’t really wear them for fashionable reasons since you can’t really see them but it is always nice to see when someone else is wearing them.

  7. Erik says:

    I think suspenders are great to wear. None of that putting threw belt loops and they hold up great, look awesume…a lot of celebrities are wearing them so they can be that wrong. Besides I think if you like them wear what you like. Peace-out!

  8. Mark says:

    I used to wear them when I was in my teens in the late 80′s and they were popular. Since then, not so much until recently. Now I wear casual ones and the ones that come attached to pants. They seem to be selling everywhere from Nieman Marcus, to Bloomingdales, to H&M to Urban Outfitters. I have been surprised to see how popular they are again–mainly for guys in their 20′s to 30′s.

  9. BRIAN says:

    Today you don’t see men in suspenders very often, which makes. me think, Why? I find suspenders to be far more comfortable than belts. I have worn suspenders for much of my life and will contiue to do so. I think if more men would give them a try more men would enjoy the feel and comfort of suspenders. I have received many comments from both men and ladies how well my suspenders look.

  10. Mal says:

    The supreme comfort of suspenders seduced me once I left University and had to wear a suit to the office. Most friends and colleagues have either made complimentary or no comments,
    and I have ignored the ribald comments. Comfort before fashion every time!

    Great to know that they are becoming popular again.

  11. Brad says:

    I am pleased to see more and more young guys wearing braces (suspenders in US speak) as I much prefer them to uncomfortable belts, but have always felt very self-conscious when I remove my jacket. They come in great colours and should be seen! Far better to see braces than a guys underpants which seems to be today’s fashion.

  12. James says:

    Confess I have worn braces to the office for a couple of years but never had the guts to remove my jacket until this week when the air conditioning broke down. Felt very self-conscious, but several lasses complimented me on them, and a few guys followed suit by revealing their braces. We guys must get over this out-dated hangup that braces are underwear and should not be seen. tHEY ARE BOTH COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH IN MANY GREAT COLOURS .

  13. sherlock says:

    Braces are fab. I like them with jeans besides suits. Slightly looser fitting trousers worn with braces are so much more comfortable and also hang better.
    I hope braces make a full come back!

  14. sherlock says:

    Forgive a further mail from me but I am interested in this topic and like James (20th May) have often been shy about letting my braces be seen.
    James word ‘confess’ is telling because so many of us for some reason feel embarrassed about ‘coming out’ as braces wearers yet when we do, we invariably get a positive response, negative comments being rare.
    Interesting that James discovered other male colleagues were wearing braces, and I would be interested to know what kind of office (eg Bank, Solicitors, Local Authority) he works in. Are there certain workplaces where braces might be more ‘the norm’ than others?

  15. James says:

    Hi Sherlock

    Sorry I did not pick up on your post earlier. I work in the back office of an Insurance Company, and having once revealed my braces, I have continued to wear them and removed my jacket when the conditions have required it. I have re ceived a number of positive comments, and a couple of other lads have also started to reluctantly show their braces as well, which has made me feel less conscious, although I still have reservations.

    I do feel they are more suited to office environments, but also now have a more utilitarian pair I wear for gardening and washing the car. The comfort they afford is well worth the ribbing from my mates, who are probably only jealous they don’t have the guts to wear braces!

  16. Brian says:

    As a young boy my parents made me wear suspenders, most likely because my father wore them every day. In later years I wore them on my snowpants and heavy hunting pants. Well aware how well suspenders kept my pants in place and the comfort of suspenders is why today I wear them nearly every day on all occasions. I often get comments from other men as well as the ladies as to well they like. As Sherlock stated “I hope braces (suspenders in the US) make a come back.” I believe they would If men would just try wearing them, they would agree the suspenders are far more comfortable than any belt.

  17. sherlock says:

    Hi James and my apologies for not having looked recently at this discussion. I am so glad you continue to; a) wear braces for all the good reasons we discuussed and b) remove your jacket as appropriate. I am very interested that ‘other lads’ wear them also. I wonder, what percentage is this? As you said, I guess many more would enjoy the comfort if only they had the guts!
    I will look for any more postings you have on this site.
    Thanks also to Brian. I see you wear suspenders ‘nearly every day on all occasions’. Does this include work and leisure?
    Let us braces wearers wear them with pride, and ensure they make a proper comeback!

  18. Brian says:

    Hi Sherlock, the answer to your question is yes at work and all occasions. I stated I wear suspenders (braces) nearly every day however I only wear suspenders with shorts when I wear a button up shirt, I just do not like the way they look over a polo type shirt. As I stated in my first post that I have received many positive comments regarding my suspenders. If anyone does not like the way they look, my advise is don’t look. I wear suspenders because I like the look and the comfort they provide mostly the comfort.

  19. Charlie says:

    “It is a gentleman’s accessory that women cannot wear.”
    I’m a woman and I often wear suspenders with jeans because I hate the look of belts and they’re very uncomfortable. I haven’t seen many people wearing suspenders where I live but I do try to encourage my friends (men and women) to try them.

  20. sherlock says:

    Hi Brian,
    Interesting that you mention shorts. I have a pair of baggy shorts which in truth are uncomfortable with a belt. I have not felt ‘right’ showing my braces with them and have tended to wear the braces under my polo shirt. Perhaps a button up shirt in future.
    And you are right. If anyone does not like the look, then don’t look!

  21. Brian says:

    Hi Sherlock,
    I have a story to share with you. Last evening my wife and I went to a local restaurant for dinner. I wore a solid black dress shirt with white suspenders (braces) over it, my wife likes the combination. Your waitress a young lady about 20 years old, after taking our drink order stated, ” I love your suspenders, I wish my boyfriend would wear suspenders.” I suggested that she should buy a set for him, he may try them on as they will be a gift from her.

  22. sherlock says:

    Hi Brian,
    Good to read your comments. I do agree that a contrasting pair of suspenders looks especially good (white on black shirt) and so glad your wife likes the combination. I am in a Civil Partnered (gay) relatioship. My partner has no issue with my wearing suspenders but does not have strong like or dislike feelings and chooses not to wear them himself. But it is surprising when out and about how often I get favourable comments and I think most come from the ladies!
    Hope to read more from you on this.

  23. outlaw says:

    I just started wearing the suspenders and I feel great…. maybe this is unusual or out dated piece of clothing but i like them very much and they are not cheap either….

  24. Allen says:

    Suspenders are not coming back into style people. Only weirdos wear suspenders.

  25. sherlock says:

    Only weirdos? I think not. It takes guts to be different and as for the increased comfort they cannot be bettered. You should try them rather than making judgemental statements. You may be surprised!

  26. Brian says:


    I don’t believe Allen’s comment was worthy of a response. It’s evident such an obtuse comment was made by a person with less than a 5th. grade education.

  27. sherlock says:

    Good one Brian.
    Is Outlaw still looking at this thread, if so how goes the wearing braces?
    Any more positive comments?

  28. Stealthy_like_a_cat says:

    I’m gaining weight (finally!!) and have developed a decent gut that I’m proud of. The belt was becoming very uncomfortable so I installed buttons on all my pants and started wearing braces daily. One set for each of my pant colors, looks and feels great! I’m the only chap who wears them around here but I don’t care… Never going back!

    Stealthy_like_a_Cat in Washington D.C.

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  30. sherlock says:

    good to see more posts on the braces topic fellas!