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How to wear the right socks with a suit

19 Aug , 2014  


Tips to match socks to your suit.

One of my main philosophies in life is to break the rules. It is only by breaking the rules and trying out something new, that people really succeed in standing apart from others and feel satisfied bringing their dreams to live.


The etiquette is simple; your socks should match the color of your suit pants. If you want to have a more formal look, make sure the socks are a bit darker than the suit. If you want a more rebellious look, try out a lighter shade of color for the socks, still matching the suit pants.


Black suit = black socks
Grey suit = grey socks (darker shade of socks if attending a formal event)
Blue suit = blue socks (lighter shade of socks if you’re attending a fly concert J

The only time I would suggest different is when you wear grey pants and a blue jacket. I prefer to wear blue socks in the same color of the jacket. And when for example I wear a blue classical birds eye suit with a crisp white shirt and a purple tie, I would wear purple socks in the same shade of color! I love it.. If you are a banker in the City, forget about trying this unless you’re in the finance division of Gucci ;)

In summer @ Milano, no socks..

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  1. Dan says:

    What’s the point of ‘looking different’ when it looks BAD?

  2. Men fashion says:

    Very nice article. Many people don’t care much about the socks because they think others can not see them. But they can! It is an important detail!!

  3. Mike says:

    I dont think these socks are too bad as it could be a lot worse in that they could be white. Although with a suit the risk free option is always black socks