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22 Feb , 2009  

The average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Still, many people won’t invest in a proper bed, leading to disastrous back or neck issues.  How many hours do you walk on a regular day in the office, university, supermarket, wherever?

How much do you invest in a pair of shoes?

Most likely, if you are not sleeping, you are wearing shoes. Since the SuitSociety entails everything that is somewhat connected to suits, I would like to distinguish between leather soled shoes and sneakers. Of those, the latter will be dealt with later.


A person with a fitted suit, fitted shirt and great style can still ruin his appearance by wearing the wrong shoes. Not only for the comfort to your feet, but also to complete the outfit, shoes make all the difference. You must have heard the myth that women judge a man’s character by their shoes. Well, the scary thing is, not only women do! Your potential customers, bosses, partners and random people on the street will too. If you get your hands on a pair of exclusive crocodile leather Tom Ford’s, you will not only look stylish, walk comfortably, but also increase the potential of successfulness in your life. There are many other brands that earned their stripes, to name a few; Silvano Lattanzi, Sutor Mantellasi, Bottega Veneta, Berluti, Bontoni, Salvatore Ferragamo and Santoni. These shoes are made from fine leather that is carefully selected and treated. They have soft leather on the inside that offers supreme comfort to your feet. The sole is made from hard leather and is stitched in a special way, to the upper shoe to ensure it from staying attached and keeping your feet dry. The sole is often nailed to the upper shoe at some points, to increase the life of the shoe even more.  Double stitching on the upper shoe keeps them firm and strong. After the shoe is crafted using approximately 1000 stitches, a special compound is polished on by hand for smooth leather surfaces. This is the reason why a left handmade and polished shoe, always look different from the right one.

Why not wear rubber-soled shoes with less stitching that cost less to manufacture? You cannot compare a Fiat 500 with a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Obviously, there is a difference in price tag as well. But you can get a semi-handcrafted pair of Santoni’s for usd$619,-. In addition, if you want to be taken seriously, than you need to show the world that you appreciate high quality, durability, and sometimes passion for style. These are the ingredients of not only these shoes, but likely to be embedded in the character of successful people. These shoes will carry you anywhere in style without falling apart, wannabe shoes will make you look bad and hurt your feet.

Not to forget are the belts that should always match with the shoe’s color and style. Most high-end craftsmen will therefore make a belt with the same polish effect they pursued on the shoe. Laser technique can create a subtle pattern in the belt that can match the pattern on the shoe.

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  1. Ceceacemarf says:

    cool sitename man)))

  2. MitartiliaBow says:

    Nice article! I like to invest in a new shoe, I said invest cause Santoni’s are like 500 euro and above!! Are there other brands wich is still looking good?

    1. Lance Miller says:

      Some of the Borgioli shoes look great too. These shoes are also ‘goodyear’ crafted and are priced around € 350,-. Shops in the Netherlands; Profuomo stores at the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, or on the Meent in Rotterdam. Profuomo has their shoe lines crafted by Borgioli. With some models, they have complementary belts with the same finish the same finish :)