Jan Peter & the Corvette @ the Meent, Rotterdam

25 Sep , 2009  

Jan Peter, hang loose

Unique personality and a good friend. When he is not wearing a suit, you can find him in a wet suit @ Knokke, Belgium.

Jacket: SuitSupply

Pants: SuitSupply

Shirt: SuitSupply

Tie: SuitSupply

Watch: Swatch

Belt: SuitSupply

Shoes: SuitSupply



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  1. Karl says:

    Great outfit! And again: great pictures! :-)

    Is Jan Peter a professional surfer?

  2. Lance Miller says:

    Hang loose Karl dude! JP is a professional nut! :) He loves surfing but he’s more like a free surfer which means he gets goodies from brands that sponsor him but he doesn’t surf competitions. The good life… ;)

  3. hahaha.. that good ol’ JP….

  4. Karl says:

    Great! Normally you would think of a pro-surfer that he never ever wears a suit! Seems to be a old clichee! ;-)

  5. Karl says:

    Yesterdays party was a little bit longer…so I was not able to type the comment correctly! ;-) Sorry for that! ;-)

  6. Lance Miller says:

    Haha! I first read it when I was still hangover.. didn’t notice a thing ;) Bringing that suit to the drycleaner..

  7. guys… time for rehab :P

  8. Karl says:

    Lance, Bobby…very likeable!
    What do you think: rehab with our friends Hein Eken and Am Stel? ;-) :-D