Jan Peter & the Vespa, @ the Meent in Rotterdam

18 Sep , 2009  

Jan Peter, Summer’s on!

Longboarding his way through town.

Suit: SuitSupply

Shirt: SuitSupply

Tie: SuitSupply

Watch: Swatch

Belt: SuitSupply

Shoes: Jan-Peter



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  1. Karl says:

    Great pics!
    Hang loose! :-)

  2. Don Vinarap says:


  3. Lance Miller says:

    @ Karl; hang loose man! You shoud have seen the faces of people walking by.. Do you surf too?
    @ Don V; typical JP photo right?
    Surfer regards, Lance

  4. Karl says:

    @Lance: Only a little bit when on holidays!
    The contradiction is very nice! Someone on a longboard wearing a suit is something special you don’t see often (or see never ever?), but it looks great! Boarding in style! Like it!

  5. Karl says:

    What also came to my mind when I saw the pictures were people in New Zealand surfing early in the morning, then changed their clothes at the car park, put on their suits and went to work. Same play at lunch time and so on! ;-)

  6. Lance Miller says:

    @ Karl: COOL!! Wetsuit vs. work suit :) The good life; surfing in between work.

  7. Karl says:

    Exactly! :D
    Here in Europe we are happy to enjoy 5 min in the sun during lunchtime, there you can enjoy the beach, surfing….kind of unfair! ;-)

  8. Lance Miller says:

    Whaha! Too true. Imagine if we were born near those beaches with surf and 25+ degrees Celsius year round… The good life. On the other hand, I would never have needed a suit probably.. and SuitSociety wouldn’t have exisited, oh no! hahaha

  9. Karl says:

    You do have a point with that!
    Life in Europe isn’t too bad either, I think! :-) And we do have SuitSociety! :-)

  10. Lance Miller says:

    I agree and actually love my life here in Europe! As long as I get to hang loose sometimes in tropical waters, haha!