Jeremy Hackett

10 Feb , 2010  

Jeremy Hackett, a.k.a. Mr. Classic


He founded the company in 1983 and said; “I will cater for the head to toe needs of gentlemen who wish to dress stylish and to whom quality is more important than the vagaries of fashion.” I really like some of his bodywear..

Though typically English, the materials for his suits are heavier than those used for Italian production. We Dutchies don’t need to look heavier and more square than we already do.. :)



Ok… I think the shoes that he’s wearing in this photo are about the ugliest I have ever seen… I mean really, you must be a professional lunatic to design and make such shoes. No pointy nose.. a thick rubber sole… it looks like something that an oil-platform worker might find comfy in freezing temperatures…His new body wear includes some very nice items though!! That’s why I don’t get the shoes.. If you drive an Aston Martin, the rims and tires should match the sexiness of the car.. :)


Still, he’s a cool man!


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  1. Patrick says:

    Sorry the title of this Article is Wrong : Jeremy Hacked didnt found Hackett but His Partner Ashley Lloyd-Jennings and he named the shop after his partner… Everything that Jeremy knows was learned through his partner!!!