Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold

30 Jan , 2011  

For those of you who watch “Entourage” with the same sense of fashion woman watch sex and the city I probably don´t have to explain to you what the L.A. power suit is that comes with the character Ari Gold in the series.


I don´t know how you feel about it but I am having a hard time waiting until summer 2011 for the next season. Making good use of the waiting time this article is about Ari Gold´s style in the show. It´s still not clear where the famous power suits are tailored. A lot of details let me think about Tom Ford´s signature when he still worked for Gucci. Especially the dark slim fit suits that featured forward pitched shoulders, plain hem trousers and the five button jacket cuffs. Others say that it is officially only Armani suits he is wearing.

Jeremy Piven is considered the best dressed man on television by many fashion and style bloggers around the globe. The man with the full Windsor knotted ties, the collection of many cufflinks and the spread collared dress shirts that always walks in dark, tailor made, slim fit suits gets better and better dressed during the episodes. We know those kind of suits from Thom Browne or also from Banana Republic Modern fit.

Piven is a very good example that even a man with a “difficult posture” can look great in a custom made suit. Jeremy Piven is on the shorter side and quite muscular built, but still pulls the suit off with a strong appearance in every room he walks in.


His aviators and the BlackBerry that is stuck in his hands added to the suit make him Mr. Power Suit.
I wonder what you guys think about his style in the show? The full Windsor too big? The shirts to adventurous?

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  1. Jr says:

    Domenico Vacca (DV) makes Ari’s suits on Entourage. Last season DV appeared in one of the episodes measuring Ari at his Beverly Hills store.

  2. The Truth says:

    I love the Entourage, Ari is my favorite character. I like how the full windsor is big and personally I dont think his shirts are too adventurous. I wish I could afford to dress like him, he makes a statement with every suit. His personality on the show only adds to the power suit.
    I know he wears some cut out collars but what other types of collars does he wear on the show if any?