Jort Kelder

6 Nov , 2009  

Jort shares some of Oscar Wilde’s life philosophies!


Jort Paul Wouter Kelder was 20 years old when he started at Quote magazine as an intern. Quote magazine is the Dutch equivalent to America’s Forbes magazine. 13 years later, as the editor in chief, he decided to stop and continue his work as a journalist and free-lance-media-uhhhmmmm don’t know how to describe Jort really.. One thing is sure, he’s outspoken and has a strong personality.


We like Jort! He has a great style and is open-minded + says what he feels. Which happens to contain some good messages from time to time.


The majority of (Dutch) people reason that his suit pants are too tight, too short and that suspenders are for old-fat guys. WRONG!

Jort at a shoot for a Dutch TV show.


As a well-known Dutch celebrity, it’s smart to distinguish yourself by dressing differently. Suspenders are definitely his signature gear. I wonder if he wears some suspenders on his pajamas.. J  And his pajamas are probably bespoke and carry a fine Neapolitan pinstripe!

Check out Jort with Dutch Finance Minister, Mr. Zalm. Posing with their suspenders.


He is a man of great taste. Cars, food, wine, but women? He was dating a fun Dutch celebrity for a while, but she hated his pink super-slim-fit pants and he wouldn’t change for the world it seemed. Anyhow, even though the Dutch public at large didn’t understand their relationship. I did! She seems like a fun chica to hang out with, full stop.. It doesn’t mean that just because we tend to dress in bespoke gear that our women should wear executive suits. Although those may look hot and I wouldn’t complain.. You get my point..


Jort’s principal philosophy: “There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about.” – Oscar Wilde, who else..

His book ‘Pak op Zak’ was cool to read and is interesting for anyone wearing a suit. The cover-girl is quite attractive.. I met her at a Friday afternoon drink once and tried to organize her phone number but she blew me off. Only later to find out that she’s not into men… haha :) Pfffewww..


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  1. Bertie says:

    This man look definitely cool, he is aboslutely perfectly dress, suspenders are very fun and his tight suit amazing… he seems absolutely wonderful in his head also but how not to be a great guy when you are so well-dress ?

    Lance : great joke about the suspenders with the pajamas :-)

  2. Karl says:

    And I wondered why there was no article about Jort Kelder on this site so far… ;-)
    I like his style, the suits without a tie are really great. On his website you can even see suspenders in his logo! :-D

    Great article! :-)

  3. Lance says:

    Hey guys!! Indeed, Jort is the man!

    @ Bertie; I like how you make the link between being a “good” man reflected through style! Inside vs. outside. I personally also believe that people who dress nicely typically have more self respect, and thus respect for others in their environment than people who dress sloppy… Would you agree?

    Have a good weekend and catch up here on Suit Society!


  4. Karl says:

    I would not say that every nice dressed person is likeable as a person. But I also think you can see from the way a person cares about his outfit that this person is caring about the event, caring about the persons he is meeting and so on. This does not mean that you wear a suit all the time, but it means that you think about your outfit and what outfit would fit the event you are about to attend, what would fit the occasion. I hope you all understand what I mean. Worked quite long today! ;-)
    What I forgot in my first post: On the second to last picture, the one in the car, you can spot bachelor knots! ;-)

    So, now I’m leaving office for the weekend! :-)
    Have a nice friday night!

  5. Bertie says:

    Unfortunately It’s not enough to wear a bespoke suit to be a good man, but it’s a good begining…

  6. Karl says:

    Absolutely right! :-)
    Have a nice weekend!