Josep Guardiola’s Style

30 Nov , 2010  

Former professional soccer player Josep Guardiola who currently is FC Barcelona’s coach caught the worldwide attention of the media for winning the Champion League. He also caught my attention for his fine taste of suits. As I was having a few drinks with a buddy who works in a formal gentlemen’s clothing store, he told me that some of his customers asked for the ‘Pep’ Guardiola slim-fit tie. His style hasn’t gone unnoticed.


I think from the looks that his suits are bespoke. They are very nicely cut and fit him perfectly. The extra smaller pocket above the regular pocket on the right side of the jacket, I like very much.


Do you see the red text on the left bottom of the shirt. Is this a made-to-measure or bespoke tailored shirt with his nickname in red?


What do you think? Personally I typically wear a different color tie than the color of my suit. Guardiola on the other hand always wears a tie in the same color, in perhaps a different shade, as his suit. Are you with or against?


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  1. Milan says:

    Hey have got a question. wanna buy a suit too and i want to know who disigens guardiolas suit ….is it hugo boss, Armani or somebodyelse ….thanks

  2. Lance Miller says:

    Hi Milan, I tried my best looking for the brand of Guardiola’s suit, without any luck.. Still, his suits look like they are either made-to-measure or bespoke! Which means that you could take a photo of his suit to any good suit store that does either made-to-measure or bespoke tailoring and have your suit made like that of Guardiola. The reason why the suit looks good on Guardiola to my opinion is not the brand, but the great fit and lenght of the sleeves, pants and jacket. First of all, he has a slim body, so he can wear such a slim-fitted suit (notice not only the jacket is slim-fit but also the sleeves etc.). You can have your suit made like that too, providing you have a slim body obviously. Good luck and sent us a photo of your suit when you’re done :)

  3. Wearing a tie of a similar color to that of the suit is brilliant. It enhances the slim fit, keeps the outfit together, and doesn’t detract attention from the suit or the man in it. I’m proud that such a fashionista city like Barcelona has an equally fashionable head coach. And having the right body and some scruff to roughen up the look says he’s not too fancy to kick your butt…if the need ever did arise.

    1. Lance Miller says:

      Hi Suzie, too true

  4. Hello there,
    im damn crazy about Josep Guardiola’s Style of dressing/suits if there’s an other word han crazy i would chose it .never seen anyone better.please i want to be a customer of the suit company pls send me an email to on how to reach the suit company.thanks

  5. ivan says:

    armani, he loves armani…

  6. Hi Ivan… thanks for the info! .. Any idea which style line of Armani he wears?

  7. ivan says:

    sorry, don’t know that much…

  8. Marian says:


    The suit of Guardiola is made by Antonio Miro.

  9. Lance says:

    @ Marian, cool thanks

  10. TJ says:

    I’m getting a grey suit same color as Peps, but what color is his shirt, it looks almost like a light violet, or blue?

  11. I would say light blue….

  12. Lila says:


    On a completley different note, have any of you noticed the winter coat he has been wearing lately to the matches.. as late as the getafe – barcelona game on febuary 6th.

    I would like to know which label it is from, can any of you help?


  13. Lance Miller says:

    Hi Lila! Nope I haven’t seen it. Do you have a photo? You can send it to info (at)

    Let’s find out how skilled our community is, and figure out the maker of this coat..



  14. Yen says:

    Hi everyone !!!

    Great review, and indeed premonitory as Guardiola has been the best dressed man in Spain in 2009.

    He likes Antonio Miró, Neil Barrett, but above all Dsquared2. In fact, that grey suit, and shirt is a Caten brothers’ ones.

    His wife manages a boutique with some gentlemen top brands. In fact he makes change the official Barça’s formal suit from another brand (no idea) to Dsquared2. You can see him in a lot of matches with several Dsquared2 coats.

    I hope I’ve solved your doubts.

    Warm greetings from Barcelona,

    Yen – -

  15. lbielaws says:

    I am getting married in September! I would like to have suit like Pep Guardiola have on the second match against Arsenal ( 4:1 ) on Camp Nou. I think that it was the grey one which is shown above. Please give me the name of this suit (brand, or designer, type) anything what can help me to get this suit!! Please help me!! My e-mail:

  16. Lee Walker says:

    I dare mr Guardiola can advise us here by himself. ;)

  17. Yen says:

    I think it was a Dsquared2 …

  18. Yen says:

    CONFIRMED … it’s a Dsquared2 one.

  19. Sanam says:

    Hi there… yeah good styie & nice selection…. pep is the best in everything… Sanam

  20. Reggie says:

    Hi, I was wondering, In the second picture, where PEP is wearing his grey suit, I would like to know what is is called, the exact suit name and design, thank you

  21. Jigmi says:

    Hi everyone..
    Yen is right. Since dsquared is the official sponsor of fcb the whole team got measure made suits from dean and dan personally.
    But i think that ive never seen guardiola wearing the same suite twice-.-

    The red text on the left bottom of his shirt says “DSQUARED” they mostly tag their brand name there… just go to the official dsquared page and then youll see…

  22. Shaba says:

    Anybody have any idea what that is in his grey jacket pocket? I’m going for a similar look but don’t no what it is? Please advise much appreciated.

  23. carla samaha says:

    i’ll go to neu camp just to c its suite :D

  24. marigona barcha says:

    Wow Guaediola have style i like the way he dress ups I lve him so much

    barcha forever

  25. rom says:

    oh my god he is so god damn handsom thats all i can say. Suit or no suit i am sure xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. dressed says:

    Swooons..the man’s got great style!

  27. sarah says:

    he is very handsome and sexxxxxxxxxy!i love him espically without any cloths!

  28. nhlonipho says:

    i really like pep’s taste in suits.i geuss its because i am also on the slim side of life. i would really like to own one of those suits. who designs them for him?

  29. john ray says:

    Hello there,
    i wish to inquire the designer of Josep Guardiola’s suit Styles,i need infomations as i will be in Europe soon,i hope i can get all infomations and in case im not disposed to visiting the fashion house can i send my size and look forward to a good outfit ?
    Do you design shoes and hats ? to match .
    How much will be the cost of a suit and pant complete?best looking forward.

    you can reach me via


  30. Khanyi says:

    Nothing but appreciation.

  31. Lexie says:

    omg Pep you are soooo cute truly you are the most handsome man I’ve ever seen I wish I was your wife seriously I’m from Mexico and I can’t believe you once played there in Culiacan if i knew i would totally give u a kiss u will never forget in your life jaja i wish u and your wife stay together for ever no matter what and your clothes make u look even more handsome and elegant and a great gentleman with class and manners that u are Mexico loves u Pep Guardiola hope we see u soon in Mexico i♥uuuuuu ♥.♥

  32. Robinson says:

    I think this looks resembles this… have a look at it

  33. moore sadiq says:

    Hi guys my sis is gettin married in april and tried all suit shops in lagos nigeria ßu† nothing.saved a pic of pep’s suit and makin an exact copy 4 my self cheers

  34. acab says:

    hello people. do You know Pep’s knot tie?? is it kent knot or someone else? please help me

  35. John from east africa says:

    Am somehow fat so does it mean i can not look great like guardiola since he inpired me by the way he looks on those suits.

  36. JK says:

    It’s a bespoke suit. Made to measure so it fits him perfectly. You pick the cut, the cloth, the details (additional pockets etc), you get exactly what you want. You pay for it though!
    By going down the Armani or Gucci road would provide you with a close match.

  37. Harry_vu says:

    absolutely this brand named Dsquared2. Pep love this brand so much

  38. Sbu says:

    Pep Guadiola is the best dresser not only is spain but world, i like his suit.

  39. DG-lrse says:

    Can anyone tell me what the width of his tie is? Hope to hear back, many thanks.

  40. mercy tumkou says:

    amazing suits, passes for best dressed celebrity in the official category… I like I like I like!!!!!

  41. nyc2 finally says:

    Loooking kind of fraky to me :-)

  42. :/ says:

    His wardrobe is pretty much hand-picked and designed by his wife.

  43. lovahman says:

    Is it all really that simple. Who knew. A much needed atire to fully complete the overall composure. It could never avoid noticing the unattained. However, to look like a gentleman one must not despair but you know :-)

  44. bobski geegee says:

    yeah dontyou jus wish you were him so drea mie i love druling over josep so drea mie

  45. lhm says:

    could have told you yeeeeeaaaarss ago man what a loosah! nn2hb stmscsat

  46. bobski geegee says:

    I got a vague “idea” that this is a no go area. Am I right…will find out soon enough. Nonetheless, Josep does style himself stylish as ever. Dis man is very stylish, who knew dis was a footballer back in the D. Imagine, all these young potential footballers nowadays being as stylish as dis beautiful man a few years from now. Yes. Josep is a sight for sore eyes :)

  47. heliofobegorannn says:

    they tried. they tried

  48. pa21 says:

    his suits are designed by Dan and Dean Caten !

  49. Rooby says:

    This man is always tidily dress:)

  50. Ntobeko says:


    I’m currently studying my final year in a degree in logistics management down in South Africa
    (Loving it)
    I’m looking to entering the corporate world next year, and the look I would like to be known for is similar to the one of Pep.
    He dresses neatly and remains calm under any circumstances. Similar discription has been given out about me. This is why I am looking to joining the similar look.
    Amarni and Hugo are more of the brands that I’m most interested in though (they have a great customer service and dressing advise)