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24 Sep , 2009  

Rebel Fashion Connoisseur

Lapo Elkann has an exquisite fashion style that inspires many men around the world. Lapo was born in 1977 in New York City and is the nephew of fashionista and industrialist Gianni Agnelli (1921 – 2003). When his grandfather died in 2003, Lapo inherited 20 Cararceni suits. Other similarities between the two men, is their passion for beautiful women and exclusive cars. Suits, women and cars, is it all a gentleman really needs?


He was named one of the best-dressed men by Vanity Fair during 2003 – 2005. His photo was on the cover of L’uomo Vogue and he has been photographed and interviewed for many more magazines and other media outlets.


He’s also a businessman who designed a Fiat sweatshirt with the help of Dsquared. During Lapo’s time as marketing manager at Fiat, he wore the sweater on a regular basis which caught the attention of the media. The sweater became quite popular and sold well, especially in Europe. He also founded italiaindependent.com to promote his Italian developed and crafted high quality and unique products that range from clothing to vases.


Lapo has had a troubled time in 2005 when he was found almost dead after a drug overdose in Turin, Italy. He apologized for his behavior to the Italian public at large. Those who claim to know him say he will always remain an independent and free man, for which he is well respected.


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  1. Lapo says:

    Grande Lance, Grande.. You must go to Pitti next time ok. Come to my stand and we have a chat

  2. Lance says:

    See you there buddy!