Loek @ Kool City

2 Oct , 2009  

Strictly Business

Loek is one of the Personal Assistants at the Kool City Point in Rotterdam. His style reflects a business orientation that is lifted to another level with the Etro tie.

Suit: Kool Business

Shirt: Kool Business

Tie: Etro

Pocket square: Etro

Shoes: Borgioli





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  1. Bertie says:

    Absolutely not !!!

    We can see his t-shirt under the shirt when the collar is open, the jacket isn’t adjusted: it’s too small: don’t confuse !
    Also, his pants are too long…

  2. Karl says:

    Actually, I like it. The colour of the suit is very nice! Ok, you can see the t-shirt under the white shirt, but I think it’s ok. Without a tie the outfit is a little bit less formal, so it’s ok to see the t-shirt. The pocket square adds a fine detail!
    Same outfit with tie looks more formal, very nice tie-knot!

    From what I saw on their website, Kool seems to be a cool shop! ;-)

    So, nice weekend everybody!

  3. @ Karl: have a nice weekend Karl!! (and everybody else too!!)..

    @ Bertie: The size of the jacket is fine I think (look at the shoulders), but because Loek is standing with his arms on his back AND the button of his jacket closed, the creases on the front of the jacket create the impression that the jacket is too small.. would you agree with this?

    Hot or Not?

  4. Bertie says:

    I’m sorry but you can never wear a t-shirt under your shirt or do it with a v-neck if you are cold; If you want to be informal without a tie you may undo 2 buttons of your shirt (the same way Frank Sinatra used to do it),
    you can let a bit of your collar on the jacket to give women a desire to rectify it…

    About the size of the jacket : shoulders looks rather good of course, perhaps Loek had a little big belly ?
    it’s a cotton suit, isn’t it ?
    Shoes are very nice.

    best regards and keep your blog smart !

  5. Lance Miller says:

    Nice discussion! Interesting, was it a cotton suit Bobby? The fabric seems a bit firmer than the typical wool indeed..
    @ Bertie: “you can let a bit of your collar on the jacket to give women a desire to rectify it…” Haha priceless…
    @ All: I tend to the wear v-neck t-shirts under my shirts at parties and other places where I know it will be hot and don’t want to show off nasty sweat spots… But I do it right, I choose a shirt that doesn’t show the t-shirt underneath..
    Loek isn’t wearing a belt, did he wear suspenders?

    Have a good weekend!!

  6. Karl says:

    Ok, it’s right! A v-neck-t-shirt looks better underneath a shirt!

  7. YES…. I too prefer a v-neck-t-shirt underneath my shirts…
    @ Bertie: Good eyes, it’s cotton indeed…
    @ Lance: He was wearing suspenders…
    Looks like you all solved the puzzle…