Match your shoes, belt and watchband: Triple Points

22 Jul , 2009  

Triple points

So you are looking for that killer look. You have successfully found a tailor and a fabric that brings something new to the table. The next step is to complete your appearance with the accessories; the shoes, belt and watch. Preferably, all three should have the same colour and material. Do not mix suede shoes with a smooth leather belt, or even worse, black shoes with a brown belt. However, there is some tolerance in the watchband colours and materials. Let’s start from the bottom up: the shoes.


Always start with the shoes before you purchase your belt. It is easier to find a belt with your new shoes than to find shoes with your new belt. Decide on the type of fabric; smooth leather, suede or creased leather, shiny or matte, light or dark coloured. I personally prefer monk shoes because they are so easy to wear; just strap ‘em on. However, most people will start with laces.


The next step is to find a belt that has somewhat the same colour/material as your shoes. Often times, the shoe-shop offers a belt of the same brand as your shoes, in the same colour/material. Be your own judge whether or not the colour matches your shoes. This is important for two reasons: the leather used for the belt is not the same kind of leather used for your shoes, and the belt could be priced up to 50% of the price of your shoes. Make sure you are satisfied with the colour. Also make sure that you understand the material: Suede shoes will become lighter in time, brown leather shoes will become darker when treating them, black shoes will stay more or less the same. This is important to understand so you can anticipate on the colour of your belt.


The watchband. The only jewellery a man is allowed to wear deservers a bit of attention. Try to match the colour of your watchband with the colours of your shoes and belt. At SuitSociety, we understand that time management is crucial in the morning, so spare yourself the hassle: try to find a watchband for your watch in black and brown, so you have separate watchbands for your basic colour ways. However, a metal (f.e. titanium) or totally different colour watchband may also be worn as a decent accessory to your style combination. Good luck!

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  1. Lance Miller says:

    Niiccee article Bobby!! This Saturday I am posting a friend in The Suitorialist who happens to score tripple points, perhaps four because he’s got a suitcase/bag in the same color as the shoes/belt/watchband…. Oe! Suit you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting about this, I would like to read more about this topic.

  3. James says:

    What shoes are those?

  4. AB says:

    A precious metal watch bracelet, yes. A bracelet in stainless steel, maybe. Titanium? Never!