Matching Socks with Suits

29 Jul , 2009  

Matching Socks with Suits

Welcome back dear readers. In my last article we discussed the triple points of a suit: matching the shoes, belt and watchband. When you have successfully scored your triple pointer, it’s time for some in-depth advise on your socks. What kind of materials or colors should you wear?

There is some tolerance in fabrics, but always separate your casual socks from your business socks. Business socks are thinner, more comfortable to wear with your shoes and tend to have dark colors. Whether you want to wear wool or cotton, they are both fine. My advice to you is to always check the label on the socks if they contain any synthetic fabrics. Even a 10% synthetic sock could lead to a unpleasant surprise when taking of your shoes. However, the easiest rule is to feel the fabric and decide on the softest one.


When matching socks with suits, one of the rules is to match the colors of your socks with your suit, not your shoes. So dark blue socks with a dark blue suit, dark grey socks with a dark grey suit, etc. Should the suit be light-colored, such as light grey, then it’s best to wear socks that are slightly darker than the suit. As with everything, there are some exceptions to the rule. If you should wear white pants, please do not wear white socks, but instead wear socks in the color of your shoes. This will usually result in dark brown socks.


Another exception is to wear socks based on the color of your tie or shirt. This is definitely a bit more daring then the above-mentioned style. Red tie, red socks; purple shirt, purple socks. It sounds crazy, but it looks great. My personal experience was very pleasant as I received a lot of positive reactions from not only my friends, but also people passing me by. The trick is also to wear your pants a little bit higher than usual (let’s say up to 1 inch above the ground), to make sure everybody understands your good intentions.


Last but not least, you are more than welcome to wear your summer shoes/loafers without socks. Great style and comfort will finish your look for the summer, showing everybody what you’re really made of. You should check the photos in the ‘The Suitorialist’ category this Saturday: Lance Miller will go barefooted in some great Santoni shoes.



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  1. Peter Bertels says:

    Dear Bobby,

    I love your articles. They are very well written and the contence is very interesting.

    Keep up the good work.

    Peter Bertels

  2. stephan strack says:

    I like it when socks don’t match your shoes but instead your tie or shirt. It brings more colour into your style. Nice article.



  3. Hi Stephan… You’re right!.. I like to match my socks with anything that I’m wearing: tie, shirt, cufflinks, watchband, etc… not all at the same time obviously… :P

  4. Peter Johnsson says:

    Quite recently i noticed in London that gentlemen i dark suits were wearing bright red socks. Even in posh places like Pall Mall gentlemen´s club´s. Is there any story behind this. I have seen it on a picture of lord Moyne.
    Regs Peter

  5. Joe says:

    Well, I always use ARGYLE socks, and purposely with a different color-base of the entire suit. I also have 12 pairs of them in a knee high version, which I use over the pants to ride my motorbike, like vintage golf players. Everybody keeps staring at me all the time… lol.


  6. Prince Cuba says:

    A very helpful piece of information. I have been telling my friends about the complexity of wearing socks, and they keep ignoring me. Now I will refer there here to an informed opinion!