Hot or Not?

Men Boots

17 Oct , 2009  

Boots for men!

Hot or not?


John Legend looks good in them. Fancy suit as well!

The photo below; the left was taken from this website. The photo on the right is from The Sartorialist.


Next photo: Jan-Peter and I at the SuitSupply in Rotterdam. Jan-Peter is styled in 100% SuitSupply! I wear a linen SuitSupply pants, a SuitSupply made-to-measure shirt, a Profuomo Originale tie and Dubarry finest sailing boots. These boots were initially bought for my sailing races. Our team participated in the North Sea Regatta Off Shore to the UK and we had up to 45 knots of wind, so the Dubarry’s were quite necessary since at the time, it felt like I was in a washing machine. They are great boots though.


In the Netherlands you can buy the forest version of Dubarry’s at the high-end stores that also sell Santoni. Menco Nieuwenhuis was spotted with those! In this photo: Menco..


Would you wear boots? With jeans and with your suit?

Brrrrrr it is getting cold here in the Netherlands.

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  1. I like to wear boots with my suit whenever the weather is so bad that I do not want to wear (out) my formal shoes… I leave my formal shoes at work or bring them along in a bag… I have some dark grey boots up to my knee that match pretty good with my dark grey overcoat… Besides, I rather look practical than soaking wet….

  2. Lance says:

    @ Bobby: Only with bad weather or also just for the look? I wouldn’t wear them during hot summer days but sometimes when it’s ok outside.. Dubarry’s are comfy and have a more ‘manly’ look than the typical Ugg boot for men. What do you guys think?

    Regards from a tram in Amsterdam ;p

  3. Bertie says:

    One of my favourite things on his website is the humour ;-)

  4. Karl says:

    Never thought about that. :-)
    I somehow like the look of boots, but I think the boots on the picture 2 (the guy standing in front of the wall) don’t look good.
    I like your look, Lance, it looks rural (is that the word for countryside-style? ;-) ), but the boots somehow go well with the pants, it makes a good contrast. The boots on the last picture do really fit the nice Vespa. For riding a bike they are very practical, the look fits.

    The only boots I own are rain-boots… ;-)

  5. Karl says:

    OT: @Lance: Always on the move? ;-)
    Nice weekend everyone! :-)

  6. Lance says:

    @ Karl; we should make a rainboot that looks flashy and sell a few million. We could quit our jobs and read blogs all day long ;p
    Yes.. On the move, is my middle name, sort of..
    @ all, good weekend!!!


  7. Karl says:

    Oh yes, Lance, that’s a very good idea! My rainboots are only good for walking the dog but nothing else! ;-) A good rainboot would be great and we could read blogs, write comments all day and at night have a few beers! :-D

  8. Lance says:

    True that, last night actually with a friend. It was a 10 years old Aberlour that a I got from another friend. The good life man :) Still, Barbadian rum is better ;) Rum was invented on the island of Barbados..

  9. Karl says:

    Oh guys, also very nice! :-D
    Lance: Aberlour, good choice! :-) Rum is also good, but what about the true dutch drink: Genever? ;-) From time to time I like genever. What I also like very much is gin tonic!

    That’s a little bit off topic now! Sorry for that! :-)

  10. Lance says:

    GT’s are good stuff man!! Jenever I never drink, it’s good but I prefer rum or whiskey. Suits, alcohol, what else can we blog about? The good things in life

  11. Karl says:

    Only a few ideas: Cars? Women? Sailing? Surfing? … Oh, I could go on with this one! :-D

    You are absolutely right: The good (things in) life! :-)

  12. GT is good guys, but don’t forget about the SoCo….

  13. Karl says:

    haha! had to think a little bit about “SoCo”, but now I know! great! :-D

    1. Lance Miller says:

      Southern Comfort with coke?

  14. yep… SoCo with coke

  15. maurice says:

    love wearing tall boots and sometimes with a suite…shame it is not that popular!!

  16. Lance Miller says:

    @ Maurice; indeed indeed :)

  17. Maurice says:

    i do horseriding, and sometimes i wear my riding boots even just to go out…

    anyone else?

  18. Lance Miller says:

    Nice one! I just wear my Dubarry sailing boots a lot during these rainy days.

  19. Maurice says:

    they look nice as well..we should start promoting…boots and trouers tucked in:)

  20. A. says:

    Ah right.

  21. matt says:

    I have 11 pairs of knee high and flat over knee leather boots. i enjoy wearing them in my daily life like nothing. i get many sweet compliments and admiring looks. anything you wear looks good on you, unless you look confident and comfortable in it.

    if you love tall boots too, get yourself a pair and start enjoying your remaining life time in them :) dont waste your precious time worrying about feeling shy or whatever.

  22. Maurice says:

    Matt, are you still wearing your knee high boots? still in fashion?

  23. Kalib says:

    I wear boots, both tall and short every day. I have several pairs and don’t give a damn about what society thinks. I wear what I want to wear and what’s comfortable!

  24. David says:

    I too have several pairs of tall riding type boots that I wear with the boots on the outside of my pants or jeans. Always get several compliments.

  25. Rick says:

    Like David, i wear some tall riding boots i wear often ouside of my pants and often i wear Huner Rubber boots or Rubber Ridingboots. I allways get compliments .