Michael Jackson in the Suitorialist

27 Jun , 2009  

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Last Thursday, it took me several minutes to realize that Michael Jackson had deceased. I double-double checked and it seemed reality; they only played MJ on the radio. He was a musical genius, but at the same time, a troubled man. However, his originality will always be a memory of us. To commemorate MJs originality, a Suitorialist on MJ.

Model Name:  Michael Joseph Jackson


Michael is wearing what seems to be a cottony-linen suit, in a perfect summer colour. I love so many aspects of this suit: notice the sleek sleeves of the jacket in combination with the thin side shoulders. This is definitely a bespoke suit. The shirt-tie combination is also much appreciated: a dark-grey shirt with light-coloured buttons makes a perfect match with the square-end tie itself. However, never wear a tie in the same colour as your suit for a business occasion. The same goes for the spat’s on the shoes. If you are shooting a million dollar video and playing the mobster himself, then the suit-tie-spat combination is allowed. But then again, you’re not a smooth criminal.

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  1. Finally, the secret: I just found out that MJ had an US patent on the shoes used in the video of Smooth Criminal (patent number 5,255,452). The heels of the shoes have openings so you can lock on to a screw on the floor. This way you can move in any direction without falling. Sounds cool for my old shoes…..